Zombie Survival Squad, or ZSS, is a downloadable game for the GigaCom's GigaCade. The object of the game is to assemble a team of character to defeat hoardes of zombies. Every character has their own traits and stats. When you beat zombies, you earn experience which allows you to use more powerful characters.


  • Mario

Mario uses no weapons to destroy zombies, but can stomp on them via jumping. While in the air, it gives plenty of opportunity to dish out tons of combos.

  • Link

Link uses many gadgets to lay waste to zombies. His sword and shield are weapons that are always with him. When using him, item capsules may yield arrows for Link's bow and bombs.

  • Samus

Samus fires beams at zombies, but can also find bombs and missiles in item capsules. She is extremely resistant to zombie infection, but after a while the suit will come off and she will become Zero Suit Samus.

  • Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus uses her paralyzer gun which damages and stuns Zombies. She's much quicker in this form, but is very vulnerable to infection.

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