Zaker (ザカリーZakarī) is a "simulation RPG" game, inspired by the game, Persona 4. It is developed by Atlus and published by GameCom. It is set in the Saint Dynamic universe.

Zaker: V-Mode () is a Japan-only updated version including multiple endings, new characters, and much more!

Introduction: What's Saint?


An action/horror movie that stars a CIA woman known as Margret and her kids, Gregory, and Megan. Greg (the bloodtyper of the government-generic Z) has been kidnapped by a dark force and it's up to Marge and the CIA task to retrieve him. No protagonists die in this movie though Ben/Benster(son) does after he turns out to be the spy at the CIA.

Saint Dynamic

An OVA about 16 year old Gregory Jackson, a.k.a. Greg James, who undergoes a new CIA experiment called "Mirror Z", which transforms the person with the Z-bloodtype based on their intellect.

Zaker cast

Protagonists (Original)

  • Greg James (VA:)
  • Gabumon (VA:)
  • Gaomon (VA:)
  • Agumon (VA:)
  • Veemon (VA:)
  • Guilmon (VA:)
  • Gatomon (VA:)
  • Falcomon (VA:)
  • Monferno (VA:)
  • Pignite (VA:)
  • Charmeleon (VA:)
  • Quilava (VA:)
  • Combusken (VA:)
  • Buneary (VA:)
  • Keldeo (VA:)

Zaker: V-Mode

Other Information

  • Ratings: CERO - C, ESRB - M, PEGI - 18


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