Z12 wars is a multiplayer battle game using wars. There are several game ranks and weapons. Rated T


  • Rookie Soldier(Begin Army Campaign)
  • Trooper (Complete Mission 4 in Army Campaign)
  • Veteran Soldier (Complete Mission 10 in Army Campaign)
  • Elite Soldier (Complete Mission 17 in Army Campaign)
  • Commander(Complete Mission 24 in Army Campaign
  • Rookie Airforce (Begin Airforce Campaign)
  • Pilot (Complete Mission 3 in Airforce)
  • Veteran Pilot (Complete Mission 8 in Airforce Campaign)
  • Elite Pilot (Complete mission 14 in Airforce Campaign)
  • Lieutennant(Complete Mission 19 in Airforce Campaign)
  • Rookie Navy(Begin Navy Campaign)
  • Sailor (Complete Mission 5 in Navy Campaign
  • Veteran Sailor (Complete Mission 12 in Navy Campaign)
  • Elite Sailor (Complete Mission 20 in Navy Campaign)
  • Captain (Complete Mission 27 in Navy Campaign)

Weapon Types/Classes


  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Machine Guns
  • Revolvers
  • Heavy Arms
  • Turrents


  • Knifes
  • Machettes
  • Arrows

Vehicles and Stuff

  • Tanks(Army Campaign)
  • Turrent Vehicles (Army Campaign)
  • Missile Launcher (Army Campaign)
  • Submarines (Navy Campaign)
  • Destroyer (Navy Campaign)
  • Carrier (Navy Campaign)
  • Jet (Airforce Campaign)
  • Bomber (Airforce Campaign)
  • Military Heli (Airforce Campaign)

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