The game Z's Story is about the part cat,part dog,and part fox hero became a legend.From the series Al and Zach, he is Al's best friend,also his apprentice.Al trains him to fight and defend.But this game is about Z who learns about evil monsters spreading across the world.The leaders of the monsters and the creator is the evilest team anyone can think of- Phoenix, Kraken, Axel, Cannonaut, Malix, and the new and improved Alien Bob 3xx00.5 X.Z needs to figure out a way to stop them before the world is frozen

The game starts out with Al and Z (This is the prolouge)training.Al set up a huge room with a bunch of stuff Z could use. Z continues to train when he hears a big noise.It turns out the big noise is a vortex.Monsters poured out of it and attacked Cat town and Dog City.The six leaders I mentioned early then plan to freeze the planet and stop time,so the only one that can save the Earth is Z.

In this game a few new characters are coming in. The first one is Mr.Tall and his very small partner,Mr.Short.They own a huge business and are very tough.Mr.Tall explains that he is strong, smart, and very rich.He made a robot called Robo-Bot Unit,who also is helpful.Another new character is Dragsol,a dragon that attacks Z at first,but becomes friends and helps him.

Z 's Attacks

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