X Universe is the sequel to the tactical RPG game, Project X Zone for the 3DS, now featuring the new franchise, Shonen Jump on it's new roster. Plus adding new main protagonists, enemies, villains, and tons of new features not found in previous games.


As apprentices of the German sorcerer, Mirlyn, young Japanese immigrant students Wolfgang Sato and Katja Nakano have been given the task of avenging the lives of all lost in the War of Zeinbrook and Kinderheim (not actual places in Germany, game canon cities both burned to the ground) at the hands of the evil deity known as Exmortis, who is now searching for a new body. Denounced to the idea, they are encountered by Exmortis' followers from Zeinbrook lead by General's Sephtis, Kruger, and Lieselotte Metzger (who will appear in many parts of the game as they progress) at Mirlyn's Palace in Ostrheinsburg, but are rescued by Siegfried (from Soul Calibur) who has learned that Exmortis is now seeking a new form, and once he has reached 100% full power, will bring forth the end of the world. 

Along the way Wolfgang Sato and Katja Nakano will encounter many characters from previous X games, Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco, and Shonen Jump Universes. 



Original Characters

Wolfgang Sato

Wolfgang Sato is one of two students who were taught by the great sorcerer, Mirlyn, and has a great concept of using a combination of physical, religious, magical and scientific elements in his combatitive arts. He prefers scientific and physical strength. 

Height 5'8" ft
Weight 172 lbs
Hair Black
Hair Type Ear Length
Body Type Average
Eyes Hazel

Blue Hoodie, Indigo and White Striped Pants, Rounded Glasses, and Brown Shoes


Mirlyn Long Rifle with Tractor Bomb Launcher Attachment and Bayonetta Attachment,

Void Bombs

Traits Smart, Nieve, Trusting, Respectful, Loyal, and knows how, where, and when to end a fight
Singature Abilities Deadringer, Void Ripper, Falcon Void Arrow, Hiroshima Blast, Nagasaki Cannon, Holy Void

Wolfgang's original name was Minoru Sato, but was changed when he arrived in Germany with his parents from Japan to serve in the United National War against Zeinbrook in Kinderheim. The Zeinbrook had ressurected the deity Exmortis to purge the Earth into a new age of anarchy and destruction. Wolfgang's parents were killed shortly after arriving in Germany via a flashfire wiping out most of Japan's allied forces. Wolfgang, with his new name was to train under the aid of Mirlyn in the Invisible City of Ostrheinsburg. He was renamed by Mirlyn, and had trained under his command in order to avenge those who had lost their lives to the Zeinbrook and Exmortis. While training under Mirlyn's eye, he met Katja Nakano, they were enemies at first, but became friends in time. After 20 years past, he was ready to fight in the name of all those who had died. Using his knowledge and skills, he became one of the two Guardians of the Void (the other being Katja).

Fighting Style

Under Mirlyn's aid, Wolfgang had learned many techniques, some of which are used in the game, both offensively and defensively:

  • Deadringer - Wolfgang's most commonly used move; he uses his Tractor Bombs to lure in and break the opposition's defenses, then unloads a thin, purple beam that can pierce through armour.
  • Void Ripper - Using his Bayonetta Attachment, he focuses a purple beam to layer on top the blade, then gives 10 large slashes to the opponent's abdomin and finally gives 3 purple beam blasts.
  • Falcon Void Arrow - First, he uses the Tractor Bombs to bring the opponent in closer, then kicks him into the air, Wolfgang jumps high enough that he is higher than his opponent, then, using the Bayonetta attachment, creates a beam of blue energy, shrouds the Bayonetta in that energy making it into the shape of an arrow and finally charging towards the opponent with Bayonetta stretched outwards, piercing through the body.
  • Hiroshima Blast - Uses the blue energy to on the Bayonetta as before, slashes opponent with it 9 times, then fires blue beam of energy keeping the arrow shaped tip.
  • Nagasaki Cannon - Throws Void Bomb, fires 15 small, yellow bullets of energy, charges large quantities of the same energy, then fires a large yellow beam.

These are only his main attacks. And now some main skills:

  • Concentrated Meditation - Boosts DEF and XP by 15%; costs 5 XP
  • Small Army Gathering - Gives one extra attack from Backup and Solo Units; costs 15 XP
  • Tinkering and Tweeking - Boosts ATK by 50%; costs 25 XP
  • Void Teleportation - Increases Walking Range by 3 blocks wide; costs 30 XP
  • Lucky Prayer - Increases Attack Range by 3 blocks; costs 30 XP

Katja Nakano

Katja Nakano is the second student trained by Mirlyn, and uses many of the different types of elements that Wolfgang does; she prefers magical and religious arts more though.

Height 5'4"ft
Weight Unknown
Hair Dark Brown and Blonde mix
Hair Type Neck Length
Body Type Slim
Eyes Amber
Apparel Black Cloak, White Undershirt, Grey Baggy Pants, Black Berette, Brown Sandals 
Weapons Mirlyn Strong Blade with Rapid fire Firearm Attachment and Fire Spitter Attachment
Traits Cocky, Ignorant, Loyal, Charismatic, and always tries to make work fun
Signature Abilities Ostrheinsburg March, White Hand Flash, Valkyrie Shreik, Clear Rainbow Flashfire, Valkyrie Burst, Rifle Spiral Crash

Katja's original name was Haruhi Nakano, and like Wolfgang's name was altered when she went to train with Mirlyn. Her parents were personally killed by The Metzger Brothers, and was done in front of her eyes, unlike Wolfgang's parents who were killed by the flashfire. Once renamed by Mirlyn, her main focus was on taking her revenge on the entire Zeinbrook army. Once in Ostrheinsburg, she was determined to be the strongest in every art; she did not succeed, for she struggled in the scientific and physical arts; however she was very resourcful when it cae to the arts of magic and religion. While training in Ostrheinsburg, she met Wolfgang, and as she saw his skills in science, marksmanship, and such, she grew intensly jealous. They became friends over time, but she is still moderately jealous when she fights along side Wolfgang, and 20 years later she was ready to take her vengance, as the other Guardian of the Void.


Since X Universe is a Tactical RPG, the player will take turns moving his/her units based on the order of play. 

Walking and Attacking Range

Supportive, Solo, and Backup Units


Your Stats will be broken down into these categories

  • Health (HP) - Shows how much stamina that unit has
  • Attack (ATK) - Shows how strong each attack from that unit will do
  • Defense (DEF) - Shows how good a unit is at taking damage from defending, how often they can counter, and how much XP they'll lose while defending
  • Speed (SPD) - Shows how good a unit's Walking Range will be
  • Technical (TEC) - Shows how good a unit's Attacking Range willl be

Each Stat can easily be altered via skill, item, or equiptment.

The XP Meter

Combat Controls

Skills, Items, and Equiptment


Minion Bosses

  • Nemesis T-Type - Capcom - Resident Evil
  • Q-Bee - Capcom - Darkstalkers
  • King Arremer - Capcom - Ghosts n Goblins
  • Shielder - Capcom - Ghosts n Goblins
  • Tyrant - Capcom - Resident Evil
  • The Magician - SEGA - House of the Dead
  • Death Adder - SEGA - Golden Axe
  • Coco * Tapioca  - SEGA - Space Channel 9
  • Vajra - Bandai Namco - God Eater


Villainous characters that will be playable in the Villain's Story:



Vile*/Riding Armour Vile Capcom Megaman X
Seth* Capcom Street Fighter
Jedah Dohma* Capcom Darkstalkers
Albert Wesker* Capcom Resident Evil
Akuma* Capcom Street Fighter
M. Bison* Capcom Street Fighter
Astaroth Capcom Ghosts n' Goblins
Aya-me* SEGA Sakura Taisen
Riemsianne La Vaes* SEGA Shining Force
Metal Sonic* SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog
Selvaria Bles* SEGA Valkyria Chronicles
Purge** SEGA Space Channel 9
Death Bringer SEGA Golden Axe
Skeith*/Skeith Zero Namco Bandai .hack
Ogre*/True Ogre Namco Bandai Tekken
Nightmare* Namco Bandai Soul Calibur
Jinpachi Mishima* Namco Bandai Tekken
Abyss** Namco Bandai Soul Calibur
Unknown** Namco Bandai Tekken
Due Flabellum** Namco Bandai Project X Zone
Lieselotte Metzger** Namco Bandai Original
Saya** Namco Bandai Namco X Capcom
Majin Buu* Shonen Jump Dragonball Z
Baby* Shonen Jump Dragonball GT
Broly Shonen Jump Dragonball Z
Orochimaru* Shonen Jump Naruto
Starjun** Shonen Jump Toriko
Garlic Jr.** Shonen Jump Dragonball Z
Midora Shonen Jump Toriko
  • Available in a Unit
    • Available as a Solo Unit


Miscellaneous other characters, some playable some not, that will appear through the game as well. They are not as strong as the Boss characters, but put up a major fight:

Name Company Franchise
Devilotte* Capcom Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness
Juri* Capcom Street Fighter
Lord Raptor* Capcom Darkstalkers
C. Viper Capcom Street Fighter
Poison* Capcom Final Fight
Hugo* Capcom Final Fight
=Sagat= Capcom Street Fighter
Gen* Capcom Street Fighter
Adon* Capcom Street Fighter
Oro** Capcom Street Fighter
Rolento** Capcom Final Fight
Ciseaux*/Prelude SEGA Sakura Taisen
V-Dural* SEGA Virtua Fighter
Dr. Eggman*/Egg Robo SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog
Mahler** SEGA Fighting Vipers
Raxel** SEGA Fighting Vipers
Neff** SEGA Altered Beast
Mr. X** SEGA Streets of Rage
=T-elos= Namco Bandai Xenosaga
=Sanger Zonvolt= Namco Bandai Super Robot Taisen
Heihachi Mishima* Namco Bandai Tekken
Ivy* Namco Bandai Soul Calibur
Astaroth* Namco Bandai Soul Calibur
Kazuya Mishima* Namco Bandai Tekken
Charade* Namco Bandai Soul Calibur
Dokugozu** Namco Bandai Namco X Capcom
Dokumezu** Namco Bandai Namco X Capcom
Eins Belanos** Namco Bandai Project X Zone
Drei Belanos** Namco Bandai Project X Zone
Sephtis Metzger** Namco Bandai Original
Kruger Metzger** Namco Bandai Original
Zeref Shonen Jump Fairy Tail
=Raoh= Shonen Jump Fist of the North Star
Frieza* Shonen Jump Dragonball Z
Cell* Shonen Jump Dragonball Z
Dio Brando* Shonen Jump JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Gaara* Shonen Jump Naruto
Sesshomaru* Shonen Jump Inuyasha
Grinpatch** Shonen Jump Toriko
Tommyrod** Shonen Jump Toriko
Asakura Haoh** Shonen Jump Shaman King
=Zebra= Shonen Jump Toriko
  • Available as a Unit
    • Available as a Supportive Unit

==Becomes Allied


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