XV All-Stars, or ×V All-Stars (ビクトリーオールスターを渡る Bikutorīōrusutā o wataru), pronounced "Cross Victory All-Stars", is a crossover action video game mainly for Xbox One and also for PlayStation 4, albeit with less content.


Since I can predict that Xbox One will be getting super poor sales, I figure I make a game to at least help it survive... Of course, we won't be making games for a long time, but oh well, may as well make a game idea that'll be showered with comments. ^_^



Since the video game is of an action-genre, you hack-'n-slash your way through multiple enemies and move forward through areas until you reach your goal.

You can equip items on the character to adjust the stats and insert battle data into said character for use during in-game.

Original Characters

  • ×V Type-1: A super-android who has the ability to copy skills of anyone he sees use into data.
  • Master Chrono

Version Differences

What makes this game (or series... OMG!! ^v^) unique is that it changes drastically depending on the console it's platformed on. From openings to characters (characters are made up of exclusives and a couple of characters whose video games platformed on this system), from stages to items, this is the game for you!

Xbox One

As you can suggest and what I've been talking about earlier, It's also on the Xbox One. That's right: the best game ever on the worst console ever!





PlayStation 4

...Just in case the plan doesn't work. Of course, since the game was meant as a "One-made game", this version has some restrictions, being having less content.






  • Blue Dragon would've been on this game idea, but I decided to use the series for other plans.

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