Xcom Enemy Beyond is an expansion pack for the game XCOM:Enemy Unknown. It completely revamps the UFO dogfighting mechanic, implements lunar maps, and adds new challenges.

New Transports and Fighters

  • Unlocking "New Aircraft" replaces the Skyranger with a craft capable of Lunar Deployment.  Lunar Deployment takes 5 days.
  • Unlocking "Advanced Flight" makes the transport deploy within 12 hours.


There are a over a dozen maps with several variations.

Lunar Maps—UFO Landing Sites

  • Lunar Plains
  • Large Crater
  • Scattered Craters
  • Lunar Canyon—Project Longshot Missions
  • Alien Mining Facility
  • Alien Manufacturing Facility
  • Alien Cloning Facility
  • Lunar Base, Alien
  • Lunar Base, Human

Earth Maps—UFO Landing Sites(Rural)

--UFO Landing Sites(Urban)

--Earth Terrain variations:

  • Arctic
  • Desert
  • Tropical
  • Coniferous
  • Temperate

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