X(or X: Project X Zone) is a FPS RPG developed by Namco Bandai, and published by Capcom and Sega.


You are a a solider working for the CDPF( Cross Dimensional Protection Force), and your job is to travel to a dimension that hasn't been visited for nearly 29 years. You arrive in the battlefield with Wasteland Equipment, a sword, and a massive amount of guns.You fight your way to a cave where an artifact of great power lies... the X. This artifact is the only way to make it to the Cross Zone. But you are knocked out cold, and wake up in front of your nemesis, Jack. He stabs you with your own Sword, and you and Jack fall into the portal.As you fall, you see the Cross zone, and you land right on the sidewalk in a huge city. A group of people see you fall, and try to call an ambulance, and one hedgehog tells you that your gonna be fine. Then, silence...

You finally wake up in the hospital. You collect your gear, and try to find the one who saved you, and save the world...


The gameplay is a cross between retro and modern FPS styles. The game is fully interactive and non-linear like System Shock, Thief, and Half Life, yet has a mindless fun style like Call of Duty. The game also mixes in RPG elements, where you level up in combat and other non-violent missions, and you can upgrade you abilities, attributes, weaponry, and more.


  • Playstation 4
  • PSVita

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