This is the first game in the series of 2d side view fighting games. This would be originaly on the GBA with a remake on the DS.


Name Country
Erik Rivals America
Luca Mic Italy
Mickey Lee China
Ashley Pang Japan
David Gene America
Mark Aerith England
Joey Landi Germany
Daryl Thompson

South America

Seven ???


Name Game
Villager Animal Crossing "GBA only"
Lucas Mother 3 "DS only"

Character Info

Erik Rivals - A martial arts student studying Jinsokuna, a unpopular way of fighting, with poor buildings. He plans to spend the prize money on the arts and to be a inspiration for others. his feet are lightning fast and can cause flaming streaks if he runs at his full potential.

Luca Mic - A fat chef for a rundown resturaunt with plans to turn it into a 5-star gourmet eatery. He has fiery, yet slow, hits that pack a punch.

Mickey Lee - A police officer in training looking for a series of villains, was lead off track, and is now in the tournament. She has fast batons and a very strong taser.

Ashley Pang - A musician trying to raise her popularity. She uses her instruments and surroundings like weapons that do great damage.

David Gene - A boxer who is trying to get a mansion and girls. He has strong punches and rarely kicks.

Mark Aerith - A athletic Cross Coutry/Swimming coach, Soccer Player, and  gymnist trying to break the world record for most trophies earned. He has feet that are so fast, they create sparks when he runs.

Joey Landi - A dancer with some pretty great moves, who signed up for the wrong tournament, but is still determined to win. He has a really fexible body that does dance moves that can be used as a weapon.

Daryl Thompson - A man runnig for mayor, trying to raise his popularity. He has a strong upper-body and does great body slams and tackles and punches.

Seven - A abomination created to make things interesting. It has moves from all the characters and teleporting abilities.


Frozen Cave

Tropical Island

Party Ship


Daylight City

Desert Plains

Golden Oases



Yoshi's Island "GBA only"

Creepy Cavern "DS only"


Fighters with odd abilities are invited to a tournament, taking place in various arenas, with the prize money of $60,050,000.

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