Fire Breathing Mythical Dragon
Lets see... the game WizTurbo is a RPG origanally released in North America in May 2012, released in Europe in December 2011, and released in Europe in September 2012. It has many different types of interest

It is rated T for teen in ESRB Rating, and is released on the Nintendo Super Gamer. It's main functions are playing with wizard abilities and going on adventure in life with endless missions and quests.

Dragon y Luna
There are also items and spells to learn, along with using powers to create your own powerful mythical monsters such as Hydras, Thunderbirds, Chupacabras, and Dragons (Right).

The game takes place and setting in The Land of Japinia.(now japan), 3500 years ago when a war starts against the underworld beasts and demons. Now, a wizard must customize stuff through this action packed RPG adventure!

DAVID, Gerard Altar of Archangel Michael, c1510
Missions and Quests

There are a number of missions and quests to play through, that random wizards and people give you. When you walk up to some random dude standing in the middle of the street, and he has a green line over his head, theres a quest. Quests are really like sidequests, with non important things to help the citizens of Japinia, Russino, Americania, Canadia, and Swedinia.

The missions are when some one has a red explamation point over their head. Missions are real, live things you can do to level up and get to the next stages.

Pack Menu

When you select "Pack" on the screen, you can go to your pack and check out stuff.

Weapons: Check out the weapons you've bought, traded, or found. You can also equip some weapons in this choice.

Items: Look at some items and use them if you need to with this.

Stats: Check out statistics like ATK, DEF, and speed and level.

Spells: Look at the spells that you've learned throughout the game. You can earn more by leveling up after a battle.

Map: Are you lost? Check out your map to see where you are and what area your in.

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