Wars in the History (known as 歴史の戦争 in Japan) is an historycal war series exclusively for PC. It is projected to be developed by Haemimont Games and published by FX Interactive. After the publishing of all the series, there will be 4 collections of 3 titles per collection, called Anthology, with a trilogy.

Main Menu

The main menu in every title of the series is the same as each other

  • Singleplayer
    • Campaign
    • Survival Defence
    • Battle
  • Multiplayer
    • LAN Battle
    • Gamespy Battle


XVIII and XIX centuries

The gameplay status has some factors:

  • Population: it resembls the military, the civil and the total population;
  • Goods:
    • Gold: it is necessary for allowing building
    • Wood:
    • Food: obviously, without any food, the healt of your troops will gradually decrease. Remember, the more the total population, the more food needed.

During battle, the player needs to build a mine and a food producer, and recruit some wokers as woodchoppers. Infact

The player, during the battle, can build a building by 3 different types:

  • Civil Building
    • Mine
    • Farm (or any other food producer)
  • Military Building
    • Baracks
    • Shooting Range
    • Stables
    • Blacksmith (allows to upgrade units' healt and weapons, and other)
    • Naval Port (can build military or transporting boats)
  • Special Building
    • Sticks Trap
    • Stone Trap
    • Defence Wall (useful for townwatchers)
    • Defence Door (useful for guardians)

XX and XXI centuries

coming soon


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