Warfare: Modern Combat is the ultimate PC multiplayer shooter. Step into the boots of an elite Special Forces Operator and deploy cutting-edge weapons and technology as you link up with your squad to dominate your enemies on the battlefield. Warfare is a free-to play-game


Warfare: Modern Combat is a class-based multiplayer shooter which rewards teamwork over lone wolfs. Unlike the fast-paced slaughter fests you find in a Call of Duty game, matches in Warfare will usually be on the slow and suspenseful side in the spirit of Red Orchestra 2. Warfare has traditional multiplayer clan support and a default voice comm that allows for easy communication of strategies. Warfare isn’t a game for lone wolves, it doesn’t take much to bring you down. Cooperation is thus key – emphasized by bonuses to XP and currency when you capture objectives instead of scoring kills.

Warfare: Modern Combat features authentic modern and futuristic military technology. Weapons can be upgraded with attachments such as silencers, laser sights and scopes, and armor can be upgraded with new armor pieces and special inserts. These modifications impact various attributes and make you more powerful.

In Warfare: Modern Combat you can play as 3 different classes – Assault, Engineer, or Recon. Each of these classes can deploy unique offensive and squad support capabilities which can be used to gain the upper hand against your enemies during a match. Each class is also specialized in the use of certain types of weapons. The combination of unique devices and weaponry give each class its own strengths and weaknesses on the field of battle.

Game Modes

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