Wandering Soul is an action game created by Shineworks released for XBOX One and Playstation 4. It has different styles of gameplay akin to Devil May Cry, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. The perspective is always first person, and the gameplay varies between an on-rails shooter and runner, a fully mobile hack and slash, and multiple series of quick-time events.


The most common form of gameplay is the on-rails runner, which resembles the gameplay in Sonic and the Black Knight. During these segments, the perspective is third person behind the back. The main character Morris is in a constant run and the player can control the direction and speed at which he runs, his jumps, attacks, and special powers.

The second most common form of gameplay is the free-moving hack-and-slash, resembling the Devil May Cry games and the land battle segments of Kid Icarus: Uprising. During these segments, Morris can move and jump in all directions, and can still attack and use special powers. These segments usually occur when Morris enters a dungeon or other enclosed building.

The least common form of gameplay found toward the end of the game is the on-rails shooter resembling the Star Fox games and the air battle segments of Kid Icarus: Uprising. In these segments, the player can't control the direction in which Morris moves, but they can move to any position on the screen; up, down, left, and right; and can attack, use special powers, and increase his speed through a boost, but obviously can't jump.

The final form of gameplay that can occur in during any of these segments is the quick-time event, which tests your reaction by displaying random buttons onscreen that must be pressed within a certain amount of time in order to perform a certain action. Like God of War and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, quick-time events occur when Morris is finishing off an enemy (usually a boss, but not in as gory of a fashion as in God of War).