Available on Wii, PS3, PS4, XBOX360, and XBOX1 


characters go to a colluseum to spar with eachother, watch training and fights, or just train. The villains from the characters' games have their own secret section of the colluseum as the heroes do. they come up with a plan to kidnap characters that matter to the heroes most. Those who were kidnapped were paralyze by unspeakable evil. The Heroes have to save the kidnapped and search for the villains' room. The villains gaurd their hideout while Dr.Wily installs more rooms to hide those who were kidnapped in. 

Playable Characters (2+ people with same number help eachother)

Peach1   Link1   Marth2   IceClimber(Male)1   PhoenixWright4   Hero(DQ9)2   Bomberman4   Kirby3   Blue&Jolteon3    Megaman4   Sackboy1    Amy3   Sora4   Sonia2   Ryu2   Wakka4   Vivi4   MasterChief2   Prince4   Steve4

Quest Givers

Luigi   ToonLink   Lyn   Edgeworth   BomberPirate    WaddleDee   Brock   Avalon   Tails   Mickey   LiuKang   Ken   Rikku   Zidane   Theressa   Batman


Mario   Zelda   IceClimber(Female)   Maya   Erinn   Bomberina   Red   Roll   Sackgirl   Sonic   Goofy    Jax   Sakura   Garnet   Yuna   Elise   


Bowser   Ganondorf   Morag   Bagular   KingDeDeDe   Jessie&James   Dr.Wily   TheCollector   Eggman   Roxas

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