Sonic generations trailer screenshot

An image from the trailer... Modern Sonic (left) and Classic Sonic... Everyone's original hero! (right)

Around the beginning of this month, there was an official trailer about a new Sonic game... This is going to celebrate the franchise's 20th Anniversary (Since 1991, Sonic is still badass either way!) What you will expect for this new title is that it will be released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with a pending title being "Sonic Generations". As seen on the trailer (and this blog's photo), Modern Sonic is running through a Green Hill Zone-esque area, and later on in the video, you can see the Classic Sonic (Own--- Wait! ... OWNAGE!!!!) midair with the Modern Sonic, and the duo of the same end it off running side-by-side with the end of the trailer with this note: "Coming 2011"... Get a lot of users commenting and questioning on this blog right away before you can!

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