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Sonic 4: Episode II Predictions

What's up, everybody! Ouro's here with a brand new blog: predicting about the Sonic 4: Episode II title! Now around the Spring, Sonic Team and Dimps announced that they were in the process of making the second episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4, with the ending of the previous one having a cliffhanger... Only showing Metal Sonic's silhouette. From the looks of Episode I, it was alright, but the physics and momentum-based platforming are too stiff. And the Homing Attack addition was nice, but jumping on the enemies in the past was something more like it... Classic Sonic in Generations FTW! Now as the developers said, Episode II will have a bigger budget than the previous, as it was commerically successful... And I can think of a few reasons, why: 1) Sonic 4: Episode II will be akin to a brand-new installment, being packed with newer zones, newer bosses, and never-before seen content to take down... Unique since the previous just recycled bosses and zone designs. 2) Metal Sonic and Tails have been hinted, meaning a more fleshed-out story, I take it. And 3) Maybe Sonic Team and Dimps will have a LOT of more time on this one than they did with Episode I, so then altogether if Sonic 4 is finished as a whole, we'll finally be able to see this as a worthy successor to Sonic 3 & Knuckles! :)

But what I wanna know is this: how are the rest of you feeling about this? If anything, what do you wish to be put into this upcoming release? I want input/output maneuvers on the double... And one more thing: DO A BARREL ROLL!

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