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Hey, Americans

Have any of you guys heard the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP act? Well you need to. Suffice to say it could have a MASSIVE impact on this wiki. I'll explain why. It is a proposed bill in the lovely United States of America that was created to protect against copyright infringement. Good idea. Bad plan.

First, let it be known that I oppose it, and think that anyone on the internet should. While the motive is to protect the little guy in all this, it puts all sites on the internet that listen to us users at risk. This is an act to force companies to remove everything that is on their domain that could belong to someone else. Failure to do so could easily shut down the entire site. If the act goes, every comment, picture, movement, bit and byte would have to be checked to see if anyone else has said that before. That means terrible load times, updates, and every other service offered. Imagine having to go through ReCaptcha about 50 time for each sentance you post. Now try to converse with someone at that speed.

The bill would put the blame of one simple user mistake on the company, which could ruin it and remove its services. Say goodbye to Wikia. Say good bye to this community. If they want to avoid that, they would basically remove all of their services anyways, and you wouldn't be able to contribute to the wiki at nearly the pace we do now. Or at all.

Realize that this bill is not yet in place, but could very soon be. Read for more information. Do your part, and tell your Reps that you oppose this bill. Or you can kiss your precious game idea wiki goodbye.

Hope that didn't scare ya too much, but this is kind of serious. Do your part.

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