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This is your user page. A user page is your own area to talk about yourself and to help us get to know you. Another page of yours is your talk page. That page is where you carry out discussions and talk to the other users on the wiki!

Now before we get any further, it is recommended to read through the italicized text to get a feel for what goes on your user page. Delete anything you don't want to keep, an go wild adding stuff that you do. A guideline for what should be here can be found here. The point of a wiki is to collaborate to make the best work possible. Mistakes can all be fixed. Don't be afraid. Be bold!

Number 1: Introduce yourself. This is a paragraph about whatever you think would be necessary for us to know.

Background of Character

Number 2:Some assumptions. We guessed that you would come here to make video game ideas. On that assumption, we also know that many people fashion their user name after a character. But we may not be familiar with the character. If there is a background that we should know about, this is the part to tell it in. Or just delete the section if we were mistaken.

Quick Profile

Number 2:In keeping with what we assumed from above, this is where most people have their personal and user intro. Apart from what character you may be representing, this is where to put facts about the user behind the character. We put a small list of things that are easy to answer. Don't fill in anything you don't want to.

Name: (real name if comfortable with sharing)
Age: (real age if comfortable with sharing)
Favorite past-time:
Favorite video game:
Favorite game character:
Favorite boss:
Favorite website:
Favorite food:
Favorite dessert:
Identifying fact: Unique way that someone here would likely be able to identify you with. (other wiki accounts, web accounts, etc.)

My favorite pages

Number 3:Where you put the rest of the content. This covers the bulk of the page, and can have near everything on it.

  • Add links to your favorite pages on the wiki here!
  • Favorite page #2
  • Favorite page #3
  • Page that I'm most proud of

See ya around!

Number 4:This is for any parting words, like "glad to help", "coming to a wiki near you", "you ain't seen nothing yet!", etc. Also a good place to let the community where you are going to help next.

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