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Number 1: Introduce yourself. This is a paragraph about whatever you think would be necessary for us to know.

What I plan to do here:

  • Brave Fencer Musashi 2: Legend of Cellaria/Samurai Legend Musashi Redux: A redo of Samurai Legend because it was mediocore in gameplay. Visuals were nice, actually.

Musashi is summoned into the realm of Cellaria by the young princess Mycella. The evil Arima Corporation desires the slavery of the Mystics so that they may be used in their experiments related to energy research and other unethical subjects, while uncaringly selling their products without repercussion or foresight on their affects on society and the world.

  • Castlevania: Opera of Madness: A Castlevania Metroidvania with a great amount of story. Story revolves around after Soma Cruz's events. Castlevania, left without a master, rises into the sky, and proceeds to scatter itself throughout the world, plunging its remnants into other countries and creating other Devil Castles to truly plunge the world into darkness.
  • Devil May Cry 5: Someone's already doing it, but I will still have my take on it.
  • Star Gladiator 3 is an announced sequel to Capcom's Star Gladiator series.


After the defeat of Bilstein, the galaxy eventually learned of the immense applications of Plasma Power that the mad scientist had discovered and given to interstellar society. With such a potentially immense source of energy, the entire Milky Way had overcome issues surrounding energy shortage, famine, and environmental pollution. While the Earth Federation had attempted to outlaw and regulate Plasma Power, its lack of funds and revealing of second hand goals by its former mercenary Kaede had crippled its current leaders, leading to immense political and ideological reform.

Seven years have passed.....

The Sol solar system. Earth.


  • June Lin Milliam - Now 25 years old, the famous gymnast has left the scene of Earth's Olympics, leaving behind a legacy of elegance and majestic beauty in the history of the sport. But after realizing Hayato has not come back for a week since taking up what he said would be his last job,
  • Gamof Gorhe
  • Prince - Ultimately realizing his ways, and learning something from his rival Saturn, the Prince has used the seven years traveling and learning to be a better performer, both in stunts and method.
  • Eagle -
  • Byakko - Surviving his brutal showdown with the legendary bounty hunter and the tremendous explosion of the Fourth Empire's fortress, he was soon pursued in exile by his fellow Saint Beasts. But in the seven years of peace that followed, he soon realized of their ceasing- What could have caused them to stop? Unable to let his skills go to waste, he has lent himself for hire, both in mercenary work and in teaching others his talents. He is also rumored to know of the disappeared Hayato's current status.
  • Suzaku
  • Seiryu
  • Genbu
  • Rai-On
  • Koryu
  • Jacques -
  • Sprite -
  • Reigner Mayhem -
  • Original game ideas:
  • Battle Arena Toshinden is a proposed reboot of the Takara and Tamsoft series Toshinden.

Different from Battle Arena Toshinden REDUX/REDUX in its story, this iteration has made major changes to its storyline and is a video game adaptation of a reboot of its anime series.


Chapter 1:

Characters Introduced:

  • Eiji Shinjo - A reknowned daredevil, martial artist and adventurer.
  • Kayin Amoh - An independent guitarist by day, and contract bounty hunter by night.
  • Sofia Pajahri - An ex-KGB agent who works as a private eye and detective.

Chapter 2: Blood Dawn

  • Leon - A cocky and hotheaded criminal leader of the California street gang Malice Tide.

Background of Character

Number 2:Some assumptions. We guessed that you would come here to make video game ideas. On that assumption, we also know that many people fashion their user name after a character. But we may not be familiar with the character. If there is a background that we should know about, this is the part to tell it in. Or just delete the section if we were mistaken.

Quick Profile

Number 2:In keeping with what we assumed from above, this is where most people have their personal and user intro. Apart from what character you may be representing, this is where to put facts about the user behind the character. We put a small list of things that are easy to answer. Don't fill in anything you don't want to.

Name: (real name if comfortable with sharing)
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Favorite past-time:
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Identifying fact: Unique way that someone here would likely be able to identify you with. (other wiki accounts, web accounts, etc.)

My favorite pages

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