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May 2, 2011
  • My occupation is High School
  • I am Male

About me, ETG

I like/love games and i'm gonna make up, create, and edit my ideas like there's no tomorrow!...That is if the terrorists make a revenge plot. O_O' There will be Sonic, Final Fantasy, even original series ideas! :D In my creation. So look out Ouro, 'cause there's a new guy in this wiki! ^o^ And please, refer to me as ETG. ;)

'Bout to move in soon

LOLOLOLROFLcopter at the fact that we're using your main page as a talk page. anyway. Hope you can get everything worked out, and have access to a computer to do all these things. Later. Geniusguy445 (talk)

Finally settled in. YAY!! ^_^

I've finally moved in to my new house! There's still some rearranging to do and new stuff to buy, but the computer's all setup and it's about to get repaired and there are other stuff that's neat including WOW! ^_^.

Short Break

Sorry if I haven't been here frequently, it's just that I've been busy lately. :/ But I WILL start contributing back on this wiki someday, so don't freet! :)

Long "Break"

Well, now I've lost my privilages to video games and computers. But don't freet on THIS! I'll be back someday. I'll let you know, too. BTW, can you turn on the Message Wall feature, please. I REALLY would love to try it out! :D

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