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This area was created to give you a wide variety of things you might need to know when making and editing pages.

Other Places to Look

Which answers your question?

This Wiki

Main article: Community Portal § About Us a collection of articles where the brightest gaming minds can layout out their ideas for video games in encyclopedic form. That means that these articles are MADE UP. We may describe Super Mario Galaxy 3, but really, we don't know any more than you do what it will actually look like. We may make up other games. The companies listed do not know about these games. Hence the name of the site is the "[Video] Game IDEAS Wiki". But what is really cool is how you can add your own ideas to this collection. Guideline on what to make are elsewhere, but anyone can make their own idea.

In summary, you will find ideas for possible games. You can enjoy others', or make your own. There are reviews of released games, and a few other goodies on this site. This is not the place to record existing video games; but rather what you would have done different.


Guidelines are smaller rules for smaller wikis. They aren't mandatory, you-will-get-banned-if-you-disobey, life-or-death, the-world-hangs-in-the-balance, laws, but they are advice that we give and wish to have carried out. We attempt to follow the assume-good-faith guideline of Wikia, but we make mistakes occasionally.

  • We have a poor ratio of returning users to newbies. Please make an account or leave a tagline to help us identify you.
    • This is a guideline, but is enforced by the admins here. Don't freak out if you forgot, just let us know in another comment. This guideline is mainly to separate those who will come once to make fun about something, from the returning users who will actually help. To be part of the latter group, you may add comments based on helping with the articles, and probably make an account on your own because you find this wiki suitable for what you are looking for.
  • Please upload or select a thumbnail image for your user.
    • Another guideline, but one that is for easier identification of anons vs. returning users. It would help us.
  • Try to avoid making major changes to other people's character rosters or other sections of articles.
    • These articles describe games on the scale of fan-fiction novels. We each work hard on our articles and don't want changes to them without giving permission. Spelling fixes are fair game.
  • Image Policy
    • Only add images pertinent to the article. Please don't add too many unrelated on unimportant pictures.


The wiki is designed to resemble a video game. To add to that, navigation of our guidelines are divided into 5 sections:

But that list is rather vague. A more descriptive list is in the Manual § Navigation.

The articles on the wiki are joined through categories. The See More section may the best tool to use when looking for more great articles.

Other Places to Look

Which answers your question?

General Editing

New to wikis?

Wikia Help

Wikia provides us with a glossary of editing question-and-answer help. It covers most of the stuff that you will need to edit pretty much everything. It has a range from help for novices, to reminders for experts. This is an excellent help. On the other hand, it (obviously) doesn't cover everything. For the stuff it misses, try looking at the specifics.

Specific Editing

Wikia Help (More)

Many of these come from my blog, as I like to keep track of them. But they will now be added here, to help you guys. There is an extensive list of available "special" tools, a list of "magic words" ("3,115 pages on the wiki" is written "{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} pages on the wiki") and one of the best places ever to find answers to your questions. (It's so good, you could almost say if your question isn't answered there, you are probably trying to make up a question. Or something.) More to come. There is even a larger list of what admins can do.

Help with Accounts

Main article: Account


Check the glossary.

Being professional

Things to remember:

  • This wiki is on the internet, and everyone can see your work. Act sharp or don't act at all is what we're saying!
  • Have fun creating your articles! We wish the best of luck to you and everyone here.
  • Talk pages are for discussing content. Discussions are for the community portal and forum. Your personal talk page is another place to have conversations. This page was made to communicate with the rest of the wiki our standards and remove similar sections that would appear on the main page talk page where they shouldn't be.
  • Talk page comments should always be signed with ~~~~ or just ~~~
  • Confused about anything? Contact us!

This collection is meant for those who do not know, and a reminder for those more experienced with wikis. Thank you for working to accomplish these guidelines and make the wiki a great place to share ideas! --Geniusguy445 (talk) 21:54, December 19, 2010 (UTC)

Thank you for reading all the way here. We hope you feel confident enough to try out an article of your own. If you want to learn who you're working with, you could check out the community page. It lists everyone here.

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