Tribal Survival
Developer(s) Last Day of Work
Publisher(s) Big Fish Games
Platform(s) PC

Max Nintendo 3DS Playstation Portable

Release date March 3rd, 2012
Genre Stratergy


Mode(s) Storyline

Tutorial Tribe Share

Tribal Survival is a game made by Last Day of Work, similar to the Virtual Villagers series, but with plenty of differences, and is available free of charge. Tribal Survival adds plenty of new features, and optional quests and puzzles, and choosing different things will result in different outcomes.


In late 2011, rumors speculated that a new Virtual Villagers game would be released in 2012, after Big Fish Games posted it on their websites. Weeks after these rumors, Last Day of Work confirmed the game, and said it will be released in early 2012. A trailer for the game was released in January, emphasising on the game's new features. 

New Features

  • Multiple choices in events.
  • Plagues and diseases.
  • Breeding is more complex.
  • Choice between many different food supplies.
  • Villagers also require water.
  • Villagers can travel to new islands.
  • More potions and spells.
  • Training villagers in combat and defense.
  • Villains such as pirates and thiefs.
  • Building is much more complex.
  • Learning skills is different.
  • Kids can go to school to teach them skills for when they are older.

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