Total Conquest Rome - Alexander is the second official expansion of Total Conquest Rome, after Total Conquest Rome - Barbarian Invasion, and it's set during the Persian Wars in Greece and the Macedon Empire. It is suggested to be developed by Empire Entertainment and published by FX Interactive and

Main Menu

  • Training
  • Campaign
  • Historycal Battles
  • Conquest
  • Mission
  • Battle
  • Editor
  • Extras
    • Soundtrack
    • Video gallery
    • Photo gallery
  • Options

Game options


While the first 2 factions are already present in the original game but are still present in this expansion as present in the campaigns, the other 2 factions, just like the others in BI, will join the complete factions roster of the original version:

  • Greece
  • Macedon
  • Persia
  • India

Faction synopsis


  • First Persian War
  • Second Persian War
  • Alexander's Empire

Historycal battles

  • Marathon
  • Thermopilis
  • Platea
  • Isso
  • Gaugamela
  • Idaspe


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