Tokusatsu Fighters (特撮格闘家!Tokusatsu kakutō-ka!) is a first-person fighting game by GameCom. It is available for Wii U and PC.

Tokusatsu Fighters is a fighting where giant robots/mechas and monsters duke it out at each other!


The story begins with Manny Héroe, just an ordinary men, on his way to work. Today he was suppose to get a promotion, but one breaktime later, catastrophe happens.

To be continued...



  • Draco - A human turned giant beast. His real name is Manny Héroe.
  • Side Arm A - One of the two mechas from Hyper Dyne Side Arms. Combines with Side Arm B to use a Finishing Attack.
  • Side Arm B - Same as Side Arm A, albeit with a different moveset, but still has the same Finishing Attack.
  • Megazord - A giant mecha from the Power Rangers series or, more specifically, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Transforms into Ultrazord for its Finishing Attack.
  • Shenron - The legendary (chinese) dragon from the Dragon Ball series.
  • Nine-Tails - A Tailed Beast from the Naruto series.
  • Lost Babil - The prototype of the Giant of Babil from Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.
  • Galleom - A member of the Subspace Army from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

More characters soon!!


  • Circle Pad: Left arm
  • A/B/Y/X Buttons: Right arm
  • L (hold) + A/B/Y/X: Block left attack
  • R (hold) + A/B/Y/X: Block right attack
  • D-Pad: Moveset
  • L+R x3: Finishing Attack


  • This game is meant to play similar to Punch-Out!! and Teleroboxer.