Cartoon Network Toei Guest
Ben Tennyson Kamen Rider Decade Dante
Gwen Tennyson Cure Black Crash Bandicoot
Blossom Cure Blossom Derp
Bubbles Cure Dream K'
Butercup Red Buster Athena
Kevin Levin Go-On Wings Scorpion
Johnny Bravo Cure Peach Marco Rossi
Finn & Jake Cure Sunshine Mars People
Megas XLR(Giant) Gokai-Oh(Giant) Optimus Prime(Giant)
Dexter Deka Break Fio
Mandark Shadow Moon Captain Planet
Evil Blossom Dark Precure Orochi Iori


Cartoon Network Toei
Rex Milky Rose
Van Kisses Gosei Knight
Vilgax Kamen Rider Accel

Ultimate Toei Vs Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Toei
Samurai Jack Shinken Red
Bell(Bleedman) Kamen Rider Kaixa
Grim Kamen Rider Skull
Bloo Kamen Rider NEW Den-O
Young Ben Cure Melody

Ultimate Toei Vs Cartoon Network Omega

Toei Cartoon Network
Goku Annoying Orange
Vegeta Steven


Him(Cartoon Network's Sub-Boss)
ENTER(Toei's Sub-Boss)

Hidden Characters

Hidden Characters

Bonus Edition

Toei Cartoon Network Guest
Cure Happy Hyper Blossom Nightmare(Soul Calibur)

Cure Heart

Rolling Bubbles Sonic The Hedgehog
Cure Diamond Powered Buttercup Raiden(Metal Gear)

Title Music

Title Music:His World(Bonus Edition)(Sonic Only),Little Faster(Both)

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - His World LYRICS ON SCREEN HD04:39

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) - His World LYRICS ON SCREEN HD

His World


A Little Faster - There For Tomorrow (with lyrics)03:08

A Little Faster - There For Tomorrow (with lyrics)

Little Faster




Nightmare(Soul Calibur)

Nightmare 3

Nightmare(Soul Calibur)Alt.Costume

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