Toei Vs.Capcom: Legendary Clash of Heroes is a crossover fighting game from Toei animation, and Capcom.


A great evil is causing dimensions to clash into one. Battle to save the dimensions.

Toei Animation

  • Goku-Dragon Ball
  • Kenshiro-Fist of the North Star
  • Seiya-Saint Seiya
  • Android No.18-Dragon Ball
  • Maron-Phantom Thief Jeanne
  • Usagi/Sailor Moon-Sailor Moon
  • Mushra-Shinzo
  • Joe-Cyborg 009
  • Akira/Devilman-Devilman
  • Vegeta-Dragon Ball Z
  • Koto-Kyosogiga
  • Beet-Beet the Vandel Buster
  • Harlock-Captain Harlock
  • Tiger Mark-Tiger Mask
  • Wargreymon-Digimon
  • Arale-Dr.Slump
  • Kid Muscle-Ultimate Muscle
  • Agumon-Digimon
  • Trunks-Dragon Ball Z
  • Tiger Mask-Tiger Mask
  • Tasuke-Moon Guardian
  • Genki-Genki, the Boy Champ
  • Zatchbell-Zatchbell!
  • Mamodo-Zatchbell!
  • Chibi Usa/Sailor Mini Moon-Sailor Moon
  • Tetsuya-The legend of the gambler


  • Ryu-Street Fighter
  • Ken-Street Fighter
  • Chun-Li-Street Fighter II
  • Morrigan-Darkstalkers
  • Dante-Devil May Cry
  • Mega Man-Mega Man
  • Strider Hiryu-Strider
  • Jin-Cyberbots
  • Morrigan-Darkstalkers
  • Chuck Greene-Dead Rising 2
  • Sakura-Street Fighter Alpha
  • Falcon-Power Stone
  • Sissel-Ghost Trick
  • Nina-Breath of Fire
  • Nathan-Bionic Commando
  • Leon Kennedy-Resident Evil 2
  • Zangief-Street Fighter II
  • Captain Commando-Captain Commando
  • Akuma-Super Street Fighter II X
  • Viewtiful Joe-Viewtiful Joe
  • Michelle Heart-Legendary Wings
  • Kolin-Street Fighter III
  • Unknown Warrior-Forgotten World
  • Baby Bonnie Hood-Darkstalkers
  • Roll-Mega Man
  • Phoenix Wright-Ace Attorney


  • Monkey D.Luffy: One Piece (free when preorder)
  • Hsien-Ko-Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge (free when preorder)
  • Nagisa/Cure Black: Pretty Cure Max Heart (free when preorder)
  • Jill : Resident Evil (free when preorder)
  • Saki/Cure Bloom: Pretty Cure Splash Star (free when preorder)
  • Shiba (new character based on Siva from Three Wonders): Cannon Spike (free when preorder)
  • Nozomi/Cure Dream: Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go!Go! (free when preorder)
  • Cammy: Super Street Fighter II (free when preorder)
  • Hotaru/Sailor Saturn: Sailor Moon (free when preorder)
  • Bass: Mega Man (free when preorder)
  • Mr.Satan: Dragon Ball (free when preorder)
  • Guile: Street Fighter II (free when preorder)
  • Love/Cure Peach: Fresh Pretty Cure! (free when preorder)
  • Arthur: Ghost And Goblins (free when preorder)
  • Tsubomi/Cure Blossom: Heart Catch Pretty Cure! (free when preorder)
  • Simone (new character based on Linn from Alien vs. Predator): Cannon Spike (free when preorder)
  • Hibiki/Cure Melody: Suite Pretty Cure (free when preorder)
  • Dan: Street Fighter Alpha (free when preorder)
  • Miyuki/Cure Happy: Smile Pretty Cure! (free when preorder)
  • Charlie: Street Fighter Alpha (free when preorder)
  • Mana/Cure Heart: Doki Doki! Pretty Cure (free when preorder)
  • Hitana: Rival Schools (free when preorder)
  • Jomy-Toward the Terra (free when preorder)
  • Hsien-Ko-Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge (free when preorder)
  • Hanamichi-Slam Dunk (free when preorder)
  • Mega Man X-Mega Man X (free when preorder)
  • Hisashi-Slam Dunk (free when preorder)
  • Zero-Mega Man X (free when preorder)
  • Ryota-Slam Dunk (free when preorder)
  • Axl-Mega Man X (free when preorder)

Final Boss

  • Infermon-Digimon: Our War Game
  • Diaboromon-Digimon: Our War Game
  • Armageddemon-Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon
  • Seth: Street Fighter IV
  • Grand Master: Strider
  • Sigma: Mega Man X

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