Welcome to the Tales of the Minamo, an awesome game introduced to this wiki. In other place such as Europe, it is called The Story of Minamos.

Quick Info

Type: Action/ Adventure

Publisher: ChunSoft, Obsidian

Developer: SwordCross2

ESRB Rating: T for Teen

Release Date: April 26, 2012


The story is about a town called Mina were everybody lives happy. Then the sherriff reports a werewolf went out and it killed the mayor. A guy with an range sword goes out to find it, and after level 1 he fights it. He finds the body of the mayor, and then buries it. When he turns around to walk home, the forest explodes and the mayor rose from the dead.The guy with a sword died, and the mayor claims the sword. He uses it and destroys Mina, even killing his two sons. 2210 years later, in the forest a meteor crashes down and out comes a guy with a pet Buleetahgle, part bull, part cheetah, part eagle. Then an invasion comes and it is led by the mayor, who has changed his name to Gortrack. The guy and his pet use a sword and an axe with elemental powers, and takes his journey. He then finds a tribe of indians who guide him with a magic sphere. And then blah blah blah, it goes on.


Customize- You can customize powers, weapons, and gear. You can get them by exploring and buying it from the indians

Gear- Look at your gear.

Map- If you are lost take a look at your map. It shows places and areas.

Tutorials- If you need training, go to this to practice battle techniques.

Exit- Exit and Play.

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