The Simpsions: Road Rage Fury is the remade version of the original game, The Simpsons: Road Rage.

New Features

  • The graphics are improved.
  • New drivers.
  • Second vehicles for every driver (instead of only for Homer).
  • New locations.
  • New gameplay elements including using motion control to control the car.
  • New missions.
  • The Extras is added to Options:
    • The Simpsons, Season 1 (viewable)
    • The Simpsons' Golden Age Collection (a promotional trailer)
    • Family Guy & American Dad: The Double Classic Collection (another promotional trailer)
    • King of the Hill Collection (yet another promotional trailer)
  • The Special Pack edition includes The Simpsons' Golden Age Collection disc:
    • Blu-ray w/ DVD for PlayStation 3.
    • DVD for the rest of the console versions of the game.

Nintendo 3DS ver.

This game has the same features as above, but with these additions:

  • 3D included.
  • Can use handheld-self for motion controlling.
  • The StreetPass feature is used for scanning player progress then becomes available to view.

PlayStation Vita ver.

This game has the same features as above (except the 3D and StreetPass), but with these additions:

  • Can also use the Back Touch Pad for motion controlling.
  • Can use the Touch Screen Display for competing in Minigames.
    • They are unlocked by completing Missions in Mission Mode.

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