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The Regiment
The Regiment
Directed By
Parker Griep
Written By
  • Ethan Sumner (story, screenplay)
  • Colin Arscott (story)
  • Ethan Sumner
  • Andrew Impomeni
  • Joe Traimanis
  • Nina Rose
  • Christine Givannoli
  • Teddi Sotiropoulos
  • Ken Magro
Produced By
  • Ethan Sumner
  • Colin Arscott
  • Northern Highlands Regional High School Administration
  • USBands
Music By
Trevor Rabin and Ethan Sumner
United States
Release Date
August 18, 2016
159 minutes
Distributed By
Based on
Northern Highlands Regiment Season of 2013

The Regiment is a 2016 American sports film produced by Ethan Sumner and directed by Parker Griep. The film is based on the true story of Ethan Sumner's freshman year with the Northern Highlands 2013 Marching Band as they defend their title as Yamaha Cup, States, and National Champions. A large majority of the 2013 Regiment returned to participate in the creation of the film, with those that couldn't make it being filled in with current freshmen and sophmores.

The film's production was run by IDI Films and was distributed by IDI Publishing, both subsidiaries of Infinite Development IncorporatedThe Regiment explores the themes of confidence, rivalry between friends, transitioning into high school, and teamwork. On August 29, 2016, the film's soundtrack was released by IDI Composition, better known as IDI Music. It featured a completely orchestrated pieces and original recordings of the Highlands Regiment's 2013 show.

The Regiment premiered in theatres nationwide in the United States on August 28, 2016 grossing $196,132,401 in domestic ticket sales. It earned an additional $91,032,504 in business through international release to top out at a combined $287,164,905 in gross revenue. The film was a financial and critical success, with praise stemming to its real-world acting to the film's score.


In early June of 2013, Ethan and his friends, go to an activities fair at Northern Highlands Regional High School. During their visit, they sign-up for numerous sporting activities, one of which is the Marching Band which is run by Teddi Sotiropoulos, the school's music teacher. After having a brief overview of next year's show, entitled "Batter Up," Ethan signs up for the marching band. Later that month, Ethan goes to a marching band practice demo, though he switches from the trumpet to the baritone horn during the practice.

Two months later in August, Ethan is introduced to his section leader, Andrew Impomeni, and the other members of the low brass; Nina Rose, Joe Michael, and Alex Capichionni. During band camp, Andrew teaches the basics of marching and pushes him throughout his week of camp. At the end of band camp, the Highlands Regiment performs its first show in front of friends and family, which is recieved positively. In September, Ethan arrives for practice before the Regiment's first competition. Throughout the practice, he is repeatedly called out for errors, which angers him.

Later that day, the Highlands Regiment performs at their first competition against the Union Farmers. Disappointed in his performance, Ethan walks off into the school, letting his temper flare. At the awards ceremony, Northern Highlands comes in last, though Ethan is reassured by Nina that Highlands lost their first competition last year too. During the next week, Ethan goes to practice and is given advice and support from Ken Magro, one of Teddi's assistants. The following Saturday, Northern Highlands performs at a competition and comes in fourth place, causing a major blow to Ethan's moral.

After losing the previous two competitions, Ethan strives to improve as much as possible and to stand out as much as possible. At the beginning of October, Northern Highlands goes to the first of three major competitions of the year, the Yamaha Cup. After practicing in the parking lot, the marching band is lead onto the field and performs their show. After their performance, Ethan hangs out with his friends outside the buses, celebrating an amazing show.

The following morning Ethan learns that Northern Highlands had won the Yamaha Cup and shares his excitement with his fellow band members at the practice that same day. Over the next couple of weeks, Ethan and the rest of low brass section practices for the next major competition, States. During one of the practices, Justin, one of the other baritone players, criticizes Ethan's efforts and enrages him. Before any fighting can break out, Nina calms Ethan down and Christine, Andrew, Alex, and Joe tell Justin off. Northern Highlands goes on to perform at States, but comes in sixth place and losing to their rival, Ridgewood.

After failing to defend their title at States, the Highlands Regiment begins the road to Nationals and practices harder than before. Andrew cracks down on Ethan and Christine, telling them to fix errors that should have been fixed. On October 26, Northern Highlands travels to Montville High School to participate in a competition against Ridgewood. This time, however, Northern Highlands wins the competition, angering the Ridgewood band members and boosting Northern Highlands' moral. As the practices continue, Andrew praises Ethan's efforts, improvements, and his level of maturity within the marching band.

The day before Nationals, Ethan goes to his middle school's football field and practices repeatedly from dawn until dusk. At Metlife Stadium, practicing for Nationals, Ethan motivates the low brass section just before they head out on the field. Northern Highlands then performs their show and, once finished, Ethan looks at the reflection of the band on the glass behind the pit and smiles. After hours of waiting, the awards ceremony commences and Northern Highlands wins Nationals, which causes a heart felt celebration between its members.

Before leaving for home, Andrew walks over to Ethan and says to him that he has shown the most improvement out of anyone he has seen and that he has suggested him to be section leader of the baritones next year. Ethan smiles, thanks Andrew, then the two part and head back home in the rain. The movie transitions through the next three years, showing Ethan being the low brass section leader for his 2014 and 2015 seasons. The film then shows Ethan performing as a drum major for Northern Highlands' 2016 show.


Note: All cast members play themselves.

  • Ethan Sumner - a freshman and baritone player who shows extreme dedication to the Northern Highlands Marching Band
  • Andrew Impomeni - Ethan's section leader who pushes him to do the best he can
  • Joe Traimanis - a junior and fellow baritone player, provides Ethan with advice
  • Nina Rose - a sophmore and tuba player who quickly becomes Ethan's friend and one of his moral supporters
  • Christine Givannoli - a fellow freshman, baritone player, and a friend of Ethan's
  • Justin - a sophmore and baritone player. He is shown to have a love-hate relationship with Ethan
  • Alex Capichionni - a senior and tuba player
  • Teddi Sotiropoulos - the marching band director that provides Ethan and the band advice and criticism at practice
  • Ken Magro - one of Teddi's assistand band directors and one of Ethan's main moral supporters
  • Caroline Bookstaver - Ethan's girlfriend and moral supporter
  • The members of the Northern Highlands 2013 Regiment.
Here's a complete list of people that were in the 2013 Highlands Regiment



Filming for The Regiment began in 2015, two years after the 2013 Highlands Regiment last performed their show "Batter Up." Due to most of the cast members being members of the 2013 Highlands Regiment, most remembered the show, but had to relearn a lot of it. Rather than practice the show before filming, Ethan decided to incorporate it into the movie itself, accurately portraying and recreating the events of his freshman year.

Most of the film was shot on location at Northern Highlands in Allendale, New Jersey, at Metlife Stadium in the Meadowlands, and the participating high schools that hosted competitions for Northern Highlands. The scenes where Ethan is at home or inside the school were shot at IDI Films Soundstage 15.

Music and soundtrackEdit

On August 29, 2016, the soundtrack was released on the IDI Compositions label. The film score was orchestrated by musician Trevor Rabin and Ethan Sumner. The soundtrack consists of 15 pieces, with the title piece being, "Marching Giants," which pays homage to the movie's original name.

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