The Potato Chronicles, is a series of video games developed and produced by United Gaming for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Potato The Game

Main article: Potato The Game

Potato The Game, is life simulation game that rather than featuring humans, features potatoes. The main goal of the game is to either build up and entire Potato empire or to just focus on one or two potatoes and complete their life as best as you can. The game is very similar and almost identical to that of The Sims. Aside from the Potatoes, players can also play as Turnips, an alliance of the Potatoes.

Potato 2: Undead Nightmare

Main article: Potato 2: Undead Nightmare

Potato 2: Undead Nightmare, is a more complex game than Potato The Game. Instead of living out a life of the Potato, players must stop a zombie hoard of undead Potatoes and Turnips after a Nuclear Potato wiped out almost all the Potato Nation. Only the main Potato plus a few survivors are available to help in this both first-person and third-person experience.

Potato 3: World Takeover

Main article: Potato 3: World Takeover

Potato 3: World Takeover, takes place after not only have the Potatoes rebuilt from the infection period, but are also ready to conquer new areas outside of America. The most notorious of these is Russia where rumor has it there is a Super Deluxe Ultimate Potato species there.

Potato 4: Potato Warfare

Main Article: Potato 4: Potato Warfare

Potato 4: Potato Warfare, is a first-person shooter game that tells the story of the legendary Potato vs. Tomatoes War. Take control of a Potato Military Division (PMD) Unit and stop the evil Tomatoes from conquering the Potato States of America on the home world of Parth.


  • The concept of the Potatoes came form Nick Roseth, who would commonly joke about them during classes in high school.
  • Potato 4: Potato Warfare is based off of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and features a similar game feel and story line.

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