Greetings, young scallywag ! 'Tis I, Cap'N (insert name here)! I bringeth you the official "Flash Game Reviews" (also known as FG). Starting November 18 or beyond, I be reviewing flash games... Y'know! The ones like on Gamefz and Xgen Studios, I guess. Me won't have as much booty (VG Reviews) as previously, But let's see if somethin' different's gonna happen! Har-har-har-har-HAR!!!! ARRRRGH!!!!

My Flashy Crew


  • Age of War 2 (Max Games): November 18
  • Super Smash Flash 2 (MCleodgaming): November 25


  • Mario Combat (Andkon): December 9
  • Fishy (Xgen Studios): December 16
  • Dad 'N Me (Newgrounds): December 23


  • AAAARGH!!! More tiddly winks be updated if necessary... Though not much.
  • These reviews may be more simpler than the VG Reviews, but BALDERDASH!

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