Water m

The Symbol of Water

Serenade of Water is the second game in The Legend Of Zelda Medallion saga, preceded by Minuet of the Forest and followed by Bolero of Fire. The name is based on the song in Ocarina of Time that you learn from Shiek. Most of the game takes place in water, so by where the Zoras live. The few main events happen in Zora's River, Lake Hylia , Zora's Domain, Zora Seas, Zora Fountain, and the Water Temple. The setting is shortly after the rescue of Queen Zelda, where Link shows up in Zora's Domain to see Ruto and King Zora. It appears that Lord Jabu Jabu went crazy and destroyed Zora's Fountain, also eating up some Zora's. King Zora believes that he was posssesed by Baranor, an evil water god that was frozen in Ice Cavern hundreds of years ago. Link sets off to save them, and later, in Lake Hylia, Princess Ruto appears, floating over the water and drops a Sapphire Flute in the water. Link takes it to play the Serenade of Water, but first, a tidal comes up from the lake and washes the Princess inside. When Ruto is trapped, Link must retrieve the Sapphire Flute and play it to warp to the Sacred Spring, where an ancient Aqua Sword awaits for Link at the bottom of the Sacred Spring Fountain. After retrieving the sword, Link go 's back to Hyrule and enters the Water Temple. Lord Jabu Jabu appears at the end, this time with red eyes, spikes, and a huge water cannon. Once Jabu Jabu is defeated the spirit of Baranor appears to fight Link. Link uses the Aqua Sword and the Serenade of Water to seal him back into ice cavern forever.

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