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The Symbol of the Forest

Minuet of the Forest is the first game in The Legend of Zelda Medallion Saga. The title also represents the song in Ocarina of Time that you learn from Sheik in Sacred Forest Meadow. It takes place when Link is older. During the period of other games and this, a wizard named Faryeuw created grew a forest and expanding the forest area of Hyrule, where the game takes place. It's mostly in Kokiri Forest, Lost Woods, Faraway Woods, Sacred Forest Meadow, Treekoi Field, Deku Forest, and The Forest Temple. The story goes where The King of Hyrule dies, and Princess Zelda becomes Queen Zelda. Then Zelda visits the forest but she is captured by The Kohma Phantom, the main villain in the game. Link tries to rescue her, and while he goes to stop Kohma Phantom, he comes across his old ocarina. Later in the game, in Sacred Forest Meadow, Saria, one of the Six Sages replaces Link's Ocarina with a new one called the Emerald Ocarina, which can only play the Minuet of the Forest , which will put Kohma Phantom into a deep sleep. But the Emerald Ocarina first needs the Clef of Spirits to play the song. Saria then transpots Link into the Bisouatin Realm to retrieve it. In the realm, Link appears in the heart of Bisoutain, or the Central Plateau. Link needs to complete two dungeons, the North and South Labyrinth. The bosses are Vinacac in the north, and Scorpo Gohma in the south. After you clear those dungeons, you go back to the Central Plateau, where the Clef of Spirits appears. Then, Saria takes him out of the Bisoutain Realm and gives him the Forest Sword. Link then continues his journey and ends up in Deku Forest, where some Deku's will help by giving a hookshot, but only if he does them a favor. Once Link has the hookshot, he enters the Forest Temple to fight the Kohma Phantom. In the battle, Link must equip the Forest Sword, and in the end of the battle, Kohma is paralyzed, Link must play the Minuet of the Forest.

Character Profiles

  • Link - The main playable character. He wears a green tunic and cap. He wields a sword and shield
  • Queen Zelda - The queen of Hyrule, who is captured by the Kohma Phantom
  • Saria - the Sage of the Forest, and Link's childhood friend
  • Obla - a Kokiri that hides in Lost Woods with the Skull Kids
  • Kohma Phantom - a huge purple and orange spider ghost, with one eye.
  • Nasiri - a man that gives you the Gale Boomerang in Treekoi Field
  • Cursed Deku - a cursed Deku Sprout that will be uncursed if 6 Gold Skulltulas are killed.
  • Navi - Link's fairy that helps him in the game.

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