The Legend of Zelda: The Book of Domination  would be the first side-scrolling, platformer Zelda game since Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, a game released in the 80's.

After having played the Subspace Emissary with Link, I was reminded of how well the character of Link fit into the side-scrolling world, and also how much I enjoyed playing games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where you had to run and jump your way to the end of the level.

That's what gave me the idea to make up another Zelda game that allowed multiple players, and that would combine the puzzle-based action gameplay of the other titles and that kind of fast-paced enjoyment of Mario games.

This game (get ready to be surprised) would be the first ever multiplayer Zelda title if made, with the capability of three other players to join in as Princess Zelda, a newer version of Groose, and a new warrior named Rhys, a young man somewhat like Link who visits Hyrule from his distant homeland on the same world.

I may feature the ability to create characters later on, but I'm definitely going to add in the feature of palette swaps that can be purchased or unlocked over time.


The conflict in this game starts when Ganondorf is supervising a mining operation in the Gerudo Desert, and discovers a chest buried in the side of a mountian. In it, he discovers a single page of a book. Expecting treasure, he is frustrated and throws away the chest, but looking back at it, he sees that on the front is the symbol for power. He decides to examine the page further and finds that it is the first page in a book, and in Hylian text, it says that it is the first page in a book which acts as the guide to complete power over any people through sorcery and intimidation.

Ganon is intrigued and decides to test the first spell, and it results in nothing at first, but then a sandstorm erupts that tears down the entire mining operation. Not bothering to help the workers, he sets off to where the page tells him to cast the next spell.

Meanwhile, Zelda gets word of what happened in the desert while she and Link are having a conversation with Rhys, who has just arrived at Hyrule Castle. She and Link offer to go themselves, but Rhys wants to go to, and Groose, who is a worker at the castle and overhears the conversation, decides to follow them and see if he can help.

From here, they hear about how Ganondorf abandoned the Desert, and the foursome sets off in pursuit of him.

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