The Heroes of Godkingdom III is not like the first one or the second one.It is not based on any Find Mii Game.It also does not involve the King getting captured.

Enemies and Places

Furious Forest Entrance: Demon,Forest Snake

Furious Forest North: 2 Werewolfs

Furious Forest South: Bloodsucker, Skelopirate

Furious Forest Exit: Bloodsucker, 2 Demons

Mighty Meadow: Mutant Sheep

Mighty Meadow Caves: 2 Armored Werewolfs

Mighty Meadow Caves Exit: Rock Consrtictor

Mirage Fortress: Armored Scorpion, Werewolf

Mirage Fortress 1F: Armored Dragon

Mirage Fortress Summit: Shadow Guard,2 Skelopirates

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