This is the sequel to The Heroes of Godkigdom:Attack of the Ghosts.Based on Find Mii II.

Playable Heroes

Humans: Any Level

Spiders: Lv 1-10

Rabbits: Lv 10-20

Lizards: Lv 20-30

Cats: Lv 30-40

Dogs :Lv 40-50

Wolfs: Lv 50-60

Lions : Lv 60-70

Dragons- Lv 70-100


Perilous Prarie:Yellow Slime

Perilous Prarie West:Green Slime

Perilous Prarie Exit:Blue Slime,Yellow Slime

Bewitching Bog Entrance:Pink Slime

Bewitching Bog West:Red Slime

Bewitching Bog East:Orange Slime,Yellow Slime

Bewitching Bog Exit:Armored Slime

Misty Mountain:Mist Spirit,Pink Slime

Ransacked Ruins: Green Demon,Shambling Mummy

Ransacked Ruins West:Fire Demon,2 Green Slimes

Ransacked Ruins East:Shambling Mummy,Armored Slime

Ransacked Ruins Exit: Roaming Mummy

Restless Rise South: Maruading Mummy ,Mist Spirit

Restless RIse North:Rampaging Mummy,Shambling Mummy

Diabolical Altar West:Skeleton Mummy, Red Slime,Orange Slime

Diabolical Altar Exit: Reaper Cadet

Forest of Sorrow Entrance:Reaper Pawn,Mist Spirit,Armored Demon

Forest of Sorrow Exit:Reaper Captain,Reaper Cadet

Creepy Crag:Reaper Commander,Roaming Mummy

Creepy Crag Exit:Reaper General

Mountain Malice:Archfiend

Mountain Malice Exit:Blood Devil, 2 Fire Demons

Castle of Darkness:Werewolf,Granite Golem

Castle of Darkness Entrance:Iron Golem

Castle of Darkness Courtyard:Silver Golem, Reaper Cadet

Castle of Darkness Throne Room:Gold Golem, Archfiend

Castle of Darkness East Tower:Diamond Golem

Castle of Darkness West Tower:Armored Blood Golem, 2 Mist Spirits

Castle of Darkness Roof:Armored Archfiend

Castle of Darkness Roof:Ultimate Demon

Dark Emperor




Bow and Arrow





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