The Heroes of Godkingdom:Attack of the Ghosts is a game pretty much the same to 3DS's Find Mii.Find Mii appeared in the Mii Plaza,but this game is more advanced and better

Heroe Ranks

Humans (Any Level)

Rabbits (Lv 1-10)

Cats (Lv 10-20

Dogs (Lv 20-30

Wolfs (Lv 30-40

Dragons (Lv 40-100

Places and Enemies and Prizes

Woknok Fields: Ghost P:Cat Ears

Hillside Tower : 2 Ghost

Hillside Tower Middle: Blue Ghost P: Marios Cap

Hillside Tower Top: 2 Blue Ghost,Ghost

Woknok Cliff: Shield Ghost,Freeze Ghost P: Kirby Hat

Woknok Exit : 2 Shield Ghosts,Armored Ghost

Gloomy Grotto: Blood Ghost P:Pikimin Hat

Gloomy Grotto East: Thunder Ghost,Armor Ghost

Gloomy Grotto West: Blood Ghost,Armor Ghost P: Links Cap

Gloomy Grotto South: 2 Freeze Ghosts, Shield Ghosts

Gloomy Grotto North: BOSS BATTLE: Knight Ghost P: Sonics Shoes

Gloomy Grotto Exit: 2 Blood Ghosts,Shield Ghost

Stardust Caves: 2 Thunder Ghosts,5 Ghosts P:Bowsers Shell

Stardust Caves Pathway: Fire Ghost,4 Blue Ghosts,Armor Ghost

Mirage Tower:BOSS BATTLE: Killer Ghost P: Meta Knight Sword

Mirage Tower Dungeon: Armored Demon

Mirage Tower Bottom: 4 Freeze Ghosts,3 Pawn Ghosts P: Links Shield

Mirage Tower 2F: 6 Shield Ghosts,Armored Demon,Bishop Ghost

Mirage Tower 3F: 10 Ghosts,8 Shield Ghosts,6 Freeze Ghosts,4 Blood Ghosts P: Pikachu Cap

Mirage Tower Summit: BOSS BATTLE: Armored Fiend

Mirage Tower Throne Room:BOSS BATTLE: King of All Ghosts

Mirage Castle: Ultimate Ghost




Bow Arrow



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