This is a strategy RPG game made by Platstation.



The Kingdom, Euna, is attacked by a faraway Kingdom called Iadai, about 200 miles away. 5 towns (Including your) are burned to the ground, the only surivors being weapon yielders and magic users and those hiding in their basements. You, your wife Erika, and brother Jeffery are an amazing team and are able to defend your 2 children and parents from danger (First Battle + Tutorial) . The King's priest visits your town, Hazawari, and notices your brother, who he says is the only man who lived multiple lives. He was named the chosen one. He is told that he needs to travel the journey to Iadai and kill the king. He will pick up 7 men, 7 women, and 3 children who are all great fighters. Your family visits the king and the king agrees with the priest. He gives you the first man and first woman to that work with you. Danny and Angela, a holy mage and an aqua mage. The king gives you a world map that shows Euna, Iadi, and all the kingdoms in between. The king then gives you the rights to use the Royal Ship.


The group of 6 Men, 7 Women, 1 girl, and 2 boys arrive at their destination with one man missing, until the king's teenage son joins your party, beleiving in the 'chosen one' from the legends he heard from the priest as a child. They defeat the king, with his son getting the final hit. The problem was, their was more to the legend of the chosen one. "When demons take over, the previous heroes shall return and slay the demon king."


Name Age Classification Class/Job Personal Job
You 23 Man Unknown Unknown
Jeffery 26 Man Ranger Unknown
Danny 25 Man Holy Mage Guard
Carlos 25 Man Warrior Pirate
Ramy 26 Man Monk Artist
Keith 24 Man Bard Artist
Lucas 18 Man Warrior Prince
Peter 12 Boy Mage Student Student
Brandon 13 Boy Ranger Student Student
Erika 22 Woman Holy Mage Unknown
Angela 23 Woman Aqua Mage Guard
Stephanie 25 Woman Bard Guide
Linda 24 Woman Burn Mage Pirate
Gina 26 Woman Luna Mage Hero
Jasmine 20 Woman Aqua Knight Teacher
Mia 23 Woman Electron Knight Guard
Amy 10 Girl Music Student



SWORDS - Wooden, Iron, Bronze, Gold, Steel, Diamond

LANCES - Wooden, Iron, Bronze, Gold, Steel, Diamond

AQUA MAGIC - Shower, Currents, Surf

BURN MAGIC - Fire, Magma, Volcano

ELECTRON MAGIC - Shock, Thunder, Lightning

INSTRRUMENTS - Whistle, Flute, Clarinet, Harp

GAUNTLETS - Wooden, Iron, Spike, Bronze, Gold,  Steel, Ruby, Diamond

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