Felix - A teen who has a slight defect. He has a blue, demonic like tail. He also has wolflike DNA, allowing him to communicate with animals. He acted for a Circus, imitating animal noises. Men with guns interrupted the show and robbed everyone inside, including his mother's diamond engraved photo. He follows the men going to different places they hit to learn about them, picking up friends on the way. He is the main character

Fredrick - A teen who stood up for Felix in school. Felix dropped out and Fredrick started to take all the bullying. He left a year before graduation and became a store clerk. The store was robbed and he and Felix are working together to get it back. He plays as the Detective.

Stephanie - A woman who's brother was killed in the store robbery. She was a victim of the robbery herself but her brother acted like a hero and was shot. She plays as the one demanding vengeance.


Mac - Mac can be unlocked when you beat the game. He was Stephanie's brother. His chest is wrapped with bandages. He plays as another detective.


Future Felix - Future Felix is a power craving version of Felix. He went back in time, causing another dimension to form where Felix DOESN'T become him. He steals from popular places using futuristic tech.

Matthew - Matthew is Future Felix's partner in crime. He does it for 50 percent of their profits.


This is an adventure puzzle game. You have to maneuver around places without getting caught, travel to different places and times, and build things to fight back and defend with.


BuildIT - Take tools you've found and make objects with them to unlock things.

Redo - Redo puzzles and try to get a better time on it.

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