The front cover of The Forsaken. This is the US cover. The UK cover is different.

The Forsaken

The Forsaken is a book written by Lisa M Masse. It is in present tense and you are in the POV of a 16 year old girl called Alenna. It is set in the future, when Mexico, Canada and the US taken over and turned into this one place called the UNA (the United Northern Alliance). 16 year olds must go through a personality test, the GPPT (the Government Personality Profile Test) which, according to the government, checks whether the teen will become rebellious, have anti-social behaviour and question the government, or whether they will grow up to be peaceful, inspiring adults. Alenna fails the test, and is sent to an island called Prison Island Alpha. She must survive as the life expectancy there is 18 due to a life-threatening disease.

Main Characters


SS = small spoiler

EE = ends up to be evil

AYD = alive yet dead, in other words, thought to be dead but possibly will be saved in next book

DD = definitely dead

Sorry if it gets complicated.

Actual characters instead of annoying key:

Alenna, a sixteen year old girl who fails the GPPT.

Liam, a seventeen year old boy who Alenna meets on Prison Island Alpha. He's the village's best warrior.

Gadya, a seventeen year old girl Alenna also meets on Prison Island Alpha. She's the toughest girl in the village, and no one likes messing with her. Yet despite that, she proves a great friend for Alenna. (AYD)

Rika is the village's cook and also becomes Alenna's friend. Rika shows an undying compassion and friendship to everyone she meets. (AYD)

The Monk. This guy rules most of the island, except for the villages which Alenna goes to. He always wears a wooden mask, but behind the mask he holds a great secret. He is said to have magic powers but the villagers do not believe it. The Monk's servants are called The Drones, and serve him. (DD)

David is the first person Alenna meets on the island. The villagers believe that David is a Drone, but Alenna disagrees. (SS) It turns out she is correct after David saves some villagers from the Monk and from drowning in a lake. (AYD)

Sinxen, aka Assassin Elite, is the first person after Gadya who steps up to say hello. According to Gadya, he had a crush on Alenna, but it was never proven by his actions (except for showing off a lot). (DD)

Matthieu Viedman is the village leader and is married to Meira Viedman. Both of them are the oldest people in the village, since the life expectancy on the island is 18. (EE) (DD)

Meira Viedman, married to Matthieu Viedman is the second village leader. She helps the villagers who cook and trnd to the wounded or dying. (EE)

What Happens In The End; Contains Heavy Spoilers

The Monk is actually the prime minister of the UNA. He was sent on the island, the government used a wax model of the prime minister to fool the public. The book is the first in what is to be a trilogy. Liam has a crush on Alenna and soon enough becomes Alenna's boyfriend. Turns out when they were little, they played together. Gadya used to date Liam but gave up on him, though she still has romantic feelings for him. In the end Gadya, Alenna, Sinxen, Rika, Veidman, Liam and some other people go on a quest to a special part of the island no one has ever been to before. By the time they reach there, Gadya and Alenna are the only ones left. They assume the others died, but when they get to a tower they find they just got frozen and crammed into little pods. Then they will be shipped to the UNA and be dissected. Gadya and Alenna manage to save Liam, but the rest they don't have time for, and Gadya also stays behind in the rush, though she was willing to ensure those two lived even if she died. It is assumed by some people the next book will be about saving their friends and the third about destroying the UNA's government.

Disclaimer: The official book is written by Lisa M Masse, I have nothing to do with this book. Except for being a fan.

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