the everything game is a game about everything but mostley pop culture. it may be avaliable on all consoles including its own console so it can have mayjor updates

note:i put this on the idea wiki but i figured that it would make more sense to put it here

whats the everything game about

The everything game is a game coming out soon which combines aspects of all pop culture and everything.

Features of The Everything Game

Game Modes

NOTE - you can have more than one game mode on at a time

DEATH mode - death mode is where if you kill a character it cant respawn eg if you kill spiderman and if he was in you team his gone for the whole game in any situation 'permadeath - you only have one life to finish the game 'you vs the world - where everybody is out to kill you and you can only have other players for help. 'Story mode 1 - this story mode is based on the fanfiction by schniederman called the ultimate crossover just a bit more updated. ' Story mode 2 - life is normal tell all fiction becomes real you have to find out why and do it before everything goes to hell.


you can customize your characters,vehicles,weapons,home/base,animals,layout,controller setup you can make maps and game modes eg hunger games in planes

'Online Features'

'Some modes you can have 64 online players ' 'you will be able to have lan party storymode 'zombie multiplayer mode online or offline 'racing/karting multiplayer online or offline 'multiplayer freeroam 'hungergames mode 'record and upload to youtube 'singing and dancing and band battles online and offline multiplayer 'fighting modes eg brawler style or mk style online and offline multiplayer'


mount chiliad from gta 'district 12 from hunger games 'the batcave 'deadpools apartment 'the stark tower 'springfield from the simpsons All cod/battlefield maps the baxter buildingmarvel HQ total drama island island bobs burgers moes tavern/bar M.C escher stairways illusion room rapture,columbia the journey desert from journey the 12 bars fom the worlds end the winchester (shaun of the dead) nether,aether,ender,normal (minecraft) prison of askaban, the weasley home, ministry of magic, gringottsbank,hogwarts,forbiden forest (harry potter) room 1408 muppets studio tatouine (star wars) all slender maps 'grus home (despicable me)' '''sandover village (jak & daxter)' ''youtube LA space the chocalate factory-charlie and the chocalate factory All payday maps All halo maps far far away (shrek) house of 1000 corpses house of wax the scp contianment area


Diamond Sword - minecraft

Line Gun - Dead Space

the concrete donkey - worms

sheep/supersheep - worms

shrink ray - duke nukem

blades of chaos - god of war

Fat Man - Fallout 3

Energy Sword - Halo 2

BFG 9000 - Doom

Crowbar - Half-Life Series

RCP90 - GoldenEye

Soul Edge - Soulcalibur

ultimate sword - legend of zelda

wand - harry potter

''destroy all humans weapons''


disintergrater ray

ion detonator

anal probe

meteor strike

gastro gun

shrink ray


zombie gun

ball lightming

venus human trap

burrow beast


black hole gun

apple of eden - assasins creed

dubstep gun

hidden blade - assasins creed

Taser knife - i made it up

slide attack - bulletstorm

indiana jones whip


green lantern ring

golden gun - james bond

freddy kruegers glove

blue shell - mario kart

buster sword - final fantasy


'''portal gun'''

'''maxwells notepad from scribblenauts series'''

'''gravity gun - half life 2'''

'''fix it felix hammer'''

'''sonic screwdriver'''

'''teleporting device'''


''''''vehicles from gta v''''''

'''''''''Motorcycles / Bicycles''''''''' '''''''''Two-door Coupes / Hatchbacks''''''''' '''''''''Four-Door Sedans / Saloons and Estates / Station Wagons''''''''' '''''''''Muscle Cars and Vintage''''''''' '''''''''Sports Cars / Supercars'''''''''
'''''''''SUVs and Pick-up Trucks''''''''' '''''''''Vans''''''''' '''''''''Public Service''''''''' '''''''''Emergency and Military''''''''' '''''''''Commercial / Industrial'''''''''
'''''''''Aquatic''''''''' '''''''''Fixed-wing Aircraft''''''''' '''''''''Helicopters''''''''' '''''''''Trains''''''''' '''''''''Others'''''''''


''''''the mystery machine (scooby doo)''''''

''''''lamboghini gallardo''''''

''''''the black pearl''''''


''''''caravan from paul''''''

''''''ghostbusters vehicle''''''

''''''monster jams monster trucks eg gravedigger,'max d and bigfoot'

''''''hotdog car,banana car,bottle car (gta 4 mods)''''''

''''''delorean - back to the future''''''

''''''glass elavator - charlie and the chocalate factory''''''

  • ''''''The Quinjet''''''
  • ''''''Deadpool's Heilcopter''''''
  • ''''''The Blackbird''''''
  • ''''''Moon Knight's Helicopter''''''
  • ''''''Captain America's Motorcycle''''''
  • ''''''Ghost Rider's Hellcycle''''''
  • ''''''Freedom's Lady''''''
  • ''''''The Punisher's Battle Van''''''
  • ''''''Fantasticar''''''
  • ''''''S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Car''''''
  • ''''''S.H.I.E.L.D. Fighter''''''
  • ''''''Wolverine's Motorcycle''''''
  • ''''''Hawkeye's Sky Bike''''''
  • ''''''Spider-Mobile''''''
  • ''''''Kang's Time-Ship''''''
  • ''''''Skuttlebutt''''''
  • ''''''Doctor Doom's Flying Fortress''''''
  • ''''''Quincarrier''''''
  • ''''''The Straojet''''''
  • ''''''The Dreadnaught''''''
  • ''''''Hulkbuster Tank''''''
  • ''''''Skrull Dropship''''''
  • ''''''quints boat - jaws''''''
  • ''''''Ginki mobile - saints row 4''''''
  • ''''''banshee - halo''''''''''''''''''''Bosses''''

'''''''''cthulu 'godzilla 'king kong 'polygon man 'kraken 'dreadpool (deadpool kills series) 'enderdragon 'stay puft marshmellow man 'hades 'insanity wolf 'dr fetus (meatboy) the beast (infamous 2)'''''''''


'''''''''all spiderman characters 'all batman characters 'all mario characters 'all donkey kong characters 'all iron man characters 'all gta characters including all games eg san andreas,battle of the gay tony 'all simpons characters'''''''''

'''''''''tenacios d,wierd al,acdc,lady gaga,katy perry,eminem,50 cent,snoopdog/lion/zilla,daft punk, queen, pink, disturbed,gorilaz,aqua,the beatles,the rolling stones,death leopard,dr dre,led zeppilin, kiss,usher,lorde ,one direction, justin bieber,justin timberlake,black eyed peas,kane west,mily cyrus,lil wayne,bruno mars, guy sebastion,the pussycatdolls,kesha,rhianna,beyonce,sirmixalot,mc hammer,tinomatic,taylor swift, justice crew,rise against the machine,david geuta,fatboy slim,knife party,the prodigy,psy,green day, madonna,britney spears,cher,vanilla ice,nickleback,alice cooper,skrillex,deadmau5,calvin harris,adele, imagine dragons,lindsey stirling,barenaked ladies,avril lavigne,blondie,beach boys,bee gees,the who, benny benassi,bon jovi,capital cities,carly ray jepson,willow smith,cee lo green,coldplay,dizzie rascal, emf, elvis,flo rida,fun,gotye,icona pop,johnney okeefe,macklemore,mgmt,midnight oil,OK go, outkast,pitbull, LMFAO,beastie boys,kenny rogers, nirvana,metalica,wolf mother,pink floyd,black sabbath,U2,guns & roses,kiss,pearl jam,radiohead, aerosmith,oasis,iron maiden,coldplay,'''''''''

'''''''''russel brand,will smith,jaden smith,tom cruise,natilie portman,nicolas cage,sylvester stallone,vin diesel, seth rogen,james franco,johnney depp,jim carrey,chris hemsworth,jack black,arnold swarstzenegger, liam hemsworth,daniel radcliffe,emma watson,bill murry,owen wilson,ben stiller,'''''''''

'''''''''hitchcock,george lucas,steven spielberg,'''''''''

'''''''''H.P lovecraft,R.Lstine,stephin king,derek landy,JK rowling,shakesphere,dr seuss,edgar allen poe,charles dickens,roahl dahl,mark twian,'''''''''

'''''''''brian cox,steven hawking,albert einstien,isaac newton,charles darwin,nikola tesla,ben franklin, alaxander graham bell,'''''''''

'''''''''pablo picasso,M.C escher,bob ross,vincent van gogh,salvador dali,andy warhol,michelangelo,raphael, '''''''''

'''''''''tony hawk,tiger woods,donald bradman,lance armstrong,muhammed ali,mike tyson,'''''''''

'''''''''carl barron,dame edna,chris rock,russel brand,eddie murphey,'''''''''

'''''''''all james bond characters 'all docter who characters 'All LOTR characters 'All Hunger Games Characters 'all jak & daxter characters 'all uncharted characters 'all halo characters 'all incredibles characters ' all infamous characters 'all big bang theory characters 'roger rabbit,jessica rabbit 'All harry potter characters 'All newgrounds characters eg fancypants,'salad fingers,'tankmen 'medusa,ceberus,harpy,hades,zues, 'all loony tunes characters including the lunatics 'all cod characters 'All paul characters 'all destroy all humans characters 'all pirates of the carebean characters 'all monsters inc characters 'All Skylanders characters 'slenderman 'All sly cooper characters 'all men in black characters 'all willow characters 'freddy krueger 'jason vorhees,mrs vorhees 'All childs play characters 'All saw characters 'All evil dead characters 'All the ring characters 'pinhead and the hellraisers 'all twisted metal characters 'all hellboy characters 'All zelda characters 'all of the muppets 'All fast & furious characters 'All family guy characters 'All superman characters 'All littlebig planet characters 'All My Little Pony characters 'All deadpool characters 'All fantastic 4 characters 'All walli.e characters ' marvel zombies black lanterns 'All ghostbusters characters 'All universal monsters 'vanhelsin 'All despicable me characters 'All narnia characters 'All sherlock holmes characters 'All total drama characters 'All toy story characters 'ellen ripley,aliens,predators 'All ben 10 characters 'All inspector gadget characters'''''''''

'''''''''pewdiepie,marzia,ctk,cry,the creatures,ryan higa,jenna marbles,ijustine,tobuscus,gabuscus,seananners, gassymexican,eatmydiction,skydoesminecraft,captiansparklez,freddiew,corridordigital,chadniedt,ali a, destorm,mystery guitar man,fine bros,rhett & link,smosh,jovenshire,mari,lasercorn,sohinki,dailygrace, jacksfilms,seanklitzner,brockbaker,shane dawson,prank vs prank,jeremy jahns,nice peter,epic loyd,ylvis,nerdcubed,pentatonix,barelypolitical,vsauce,hishe,cinimasins,vlogbrothers,swoozie,animeme,chester c,swoosie,'''''''''

'''''''''nyan cat,epic sax guy,techno viking,grumpy cat,insanity wolf,courage wolf,old spice guys,most interesting man in the world,coloneal meow,overly manly man,badluck brian,'''''''''

'''''''''mymusic workers eg indie,devil,metal 'octodad 'All hitman characters all assassins creed characters 'all futurama characters 'santa,easterbunny,sandman,tooth fiary,mother nature,father time,jack frost 'akinator 'all mortal kombat characters 'the power rangers, 'All tmnt characters 'zombie presidents of america 'astroboy 'all the streetfighter characters 'ASDF characters 'Edds Worlds characters eg tomska 'Sucker Punch Characters 'Skulduggery Pleasant Characters 'Lilo and Stitch Characters 'All WWE Wrestlers 'All Dragon ball z characters 'All Pokemon and characters 'All spongebob characters 'All adventure time characters 'All regular show characters 'All ice age characters 'All didgemon and characters 'All yu-ge-o characters All bakugon characters 'All metal gear characters 'All angry birds characters 'All tron characters 'All dreamworks characters 'All hanna barbra characters 'All Kings and Legends Characters 'All Minecraft Characters eg. herobrine Steve 'All figero fo characters 'creepypastas - smiledog,jeff the killer,bobby apple,dead bart,ben drowned,the villiger 'All transformers characters 'All cars characters 'All open season characters 'All animal crossing characters 'All brave characters 'All how i met your mother characters 'All garfield characters 'All kaeloo characters 'All stoked characters 'All brother bear characters 'All robot chicken characters 'All dishonered characters 'All ant bully characters 'All pink panther characters 'All smurf characters 'All he-man characters 'All thundercats characters 'All wizard of oz characters 'All neverending story characters 'All lone ranger characters 'All G.I joe characters 'All avatar characters 'All avatar:the last airbender characters 'All red dead characters 'All crash bandicoot characters 'All tomb raider characters 'All spyro characters 'All nightmare before christmas characters 'All bolt characters All team fortress characters 'All skyrim characters 'All cornetto trilogy characters 'All adams family characters 'All roald dahl characters 'All capcom characters 'All anchorman characters 'All ted characters 'All dukes of hazard characters 'All saints row characters 'All halloween characters 'All happy tree friends characters 'All mob squad characters 'All expendables characters 'All R.I.P.D characters 'All meatboy characters 'the jackass crew including bad grandpa All american dad characters All devil may cry characters All pumpkinhead characters All popeye characters bear grylls All bourne characters All rambo characters All planet of the apes characters All lethal weapon characters All the mummy characters eg scorpian king All godfather characters All die hard characters All terminator characters All matrix characters All mission impossible characters All jurasic park characters All rocky characters All star trek characters All jaws characters All twilight characters All indiana jones characters All star wars characters All get smart characters All mass effect characters All deadspace characters All stanley parable character's All happy days characters All friends characters All scrubs characters All mork & mindy characters All kangaroo jack characters All fresh prince of beliar characters All final fantasy characters All deathnote characters All sonic characters All tom clancy characters All resident evil characters including games and movies All pacman characters All tekken characters All crash bandicoot characters All kirby characters All tomb riader characters All medal of honor characters All mentalist characters All x files characters All bridesmades characters All ratchet & clank characters All counterstrike characters All sniper elite characters All destiny characters All monster hunter characters All age of empires characters All castlevania characters All diablo characters cooking mama All prince of persia characters All dexter characters All scp creatures'''''''''

'''''''''''Enemy A.Is'''''''''''

'''''''''''goombas,turtle,dry bones 'chompies,(skylanders) 'lego robbers 'templars 'All enemy minecraft mobs 'tank,boomer,witch,smoker,(left 4 dead) 'turrets from portal 'the forever knights (ben 10) 'aliens (alien)predator,facehuggers 'f.i.b (gta v) 'jokers,banes,henchmen 'dangerous dinosaurs and animals eg velociraptor,sharks 'the zin from siants row 4 'henchmen from hotline miama''''''

'''''''''''Random features and modes'''''''''''

'''''''''''trouble in terroist town gmod mode 'the hidden gmod mode 'you can make random handsignals eg up yours or thumbs up 'fast travel 'find or buy hidden collectables 'you can go fishing,catching bugs,chopping trees etc (animal crossing) ' 2d world with paper mario,meatboy,gaucamelee,limbo kid, '1st person,3rd person,birds eye view 'toybox mode'''''''''''

'''Some more ideas to expand this amazing idea from'Justanormaljohndoe''''

''''''''Characters ''''''

'''Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Hank Schrader, Steve Gomez, Gus Fring. '''

'''Arya Stark, Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Daenerys Targeryen, Jorey, Sandor Clegane, Tyrion Lannester, Jaime Lannester, Danis dragons. '''

'''The narrator, Tyler Durden.'''

'''Tony Montana'''

'''Quentin Tarentino, Samuel L Jackson, Stan Lee, Vince Gilligan, Breaking Bad cast, Game of Thrones cast, Edward Norton, Community cast, Joe Pesci, Bruce Cambell, Morgon Freeman. '''

'''Troy Barnes, Abed Nadir, Annie Edison, Peirce Hawkthorne, Jeff Winger, Britta Perry. '''

'''Everyone from every Tarentino movie ever'''

'''Hannibal Lector, Buffalo Bill, The Red Dragon, Clarice Starling, Multiple Miggs. '''

'''The Corleone family'''

'''Every Marvel and DC villain and hero ever'''

''''''Locations ''''''

'''Hajilee '''

'''Walter Whites House '''

'''Meth Lab'''

'''Winterfell '''

'''Kings Landing'''


'''Stadium '''

'''Jurassic Park'''

'''Stanely Parable '''

'''Union Depository Bank '''

'''Evil Dead Cabin '''

'''That planet with all the weeping angels'''

'''Every dream in Inception '''

'''Jack Rabbit Slims'''

'''The cinema from Inglorious Basterds'''

'''All of the Call of Duty maps'''

'''All of the Battlefeild maps'''



'''Death Star'''

''''''Online Features ''''''

'''Competitive game modes like: Deathmatch, Caprture the flag ECT. '''

''''''Weapons ''''''

'''The Ring from LOTR'''

'''The tape from The Ring'''

'''Thors Hammer'''

'''Needle-Game of Thrones'''

'''Fulminated Murcury'''

'''Just some more ideas if you don't mind '''


'''Every Firefly character '''

'''Every suits character '''

'''Every Shawshank Redemption character '''

'''Barney Stinson '''

''''''Enemys ''''''

'''Reavers '''


'''Joffery Baratheon '''

'''Skylar White'''

'''Saffron '''



'''Dubstep gun(Saints row)'''

'''The pink bear from Red'''

'''Deanerys dragons'''

'''Inspirations For This Idea'''

''''''the ultimate crossover - fanfiction by shniederman''''''

''''''the ultimate showdown - song by lemon demon''''''

''''''the picture of everything - art by howard halis''''''

''''''reimagine the game - game by ........someone on newgrounds idk''''''

'''gaming allstars:the ultimate crossover series - videos on youtube by SuperSmashBrosGmod'''

''''''M.U.G.E.N - downloadable game by Elecbyte''''''

''''''disaster movie or epic movie - i know there not good movies but i dont care. movies by dimension films''''''

''''''south park: imagination land - movie by idk''''''

''''''music mashups - by many people but i like dj earworm the most''''''

''''''the polkas - by wierd al''''''

''''''le internet melody - the music and video by the gag quartet ,youtube channal => Sugar Zaza''''''

''''''also every crossover ever i guess''''''

''''''but probably most important everything by everybody''''''

''''''to reduce having to scroll i will be putting franchises next to each other''''''

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