Since Activison announced that they're releasing a Crash Bandicoot collection in HD, I think Microsoft and Rare should release a Banjo-Kazooie collection in HD exclusively for Xbox One. (But there's a catch.) Unlike the original games, the character shall speak perfect english with known voice actors, but the subtitles will still be there.

Casting Suggestion.

  • Brain Froud-Banjo
  • Hynden Walch-Kazooie
  • Carlos Alazraqui-Mumbo Jumbo
  • Kari Wahlgren-Humba Wumba/Tootie
  • Kate Higgins-Gruntilda/Moggy
  • Alicyn Packard-The Jinjos
  • Lee Tockar-Mr. Fit/Jolly Roger
  • James Arnold Taylor-Trophy Thomas
  • Dwight Schultz-Bottles the Mole
  • Sam Vincent-Pikelet
  • Maurice LaMarche-Captain Blubber/Klungo
  • Eric Bauza-Boggy the Polar Bear
  • Frank Welker-King Jingaling
  • Cindy Robinson-Piddles/Tip Tup/Tip Tup Jr.
  • Stephan Root-Captain Blackeye
  • Tara Strong-Soggy
  • Danny Mann-Groggy
  • Mona Marshall-Canry Marry
  • Toby Huss-Jamjars
  • Patick McKenna-Merry Maggie
  • Jeff Bennett-Nipper/Cheif Blotazing/Loggo
  • Michelle Ruff-Sexy Grutilda/Mrs. Boggy
  • Liam O'Brien-Chimpy
  • Patick Warburton-Conga
  • Dave Wittenberg-Mr. Patch/Metal Mr. Patch
  • John Kassir-Gobi
  • Cam Clark-Pawno
  • Yuri Lowenthal-L.O.G. Coputer Mouse #1
  • Olivia Charles-L.O.G. Computer Mouse #2
  • Fred Tatasciore-L.O.G. (Lord of Games)

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