Ah, Tetris. The world was in rapt attention in front of the screen when they discovered you. But what is the story behind you? Some say that the blocks are falling from heaven, and no matter what, you lose at the end. Others say the falling blocks are larger objects being reshaped into the playing tiles of the game. Maybe neither is right. But the flash games can always come up with another explanation.

Tetris: Construction is a Tetris game that combines the multiplayer action of recent Tetris games, the creative thoughts of Tetris artists, and the inventive flash game known as Tuper Tario Tros.

Game play

This two person multiplayer game provides two roles for Tetris enthusiasts. One player cuts up the block sculptures, and the other stacks them into the desired building. Unlike classic Tetris, play is not unlimited, but there is still a challenge to create the buildings.


This game may be played on one computer, or over the internet using codes to connect.

Player one:

  • Mouse to select area to create Tetris blocks from sculpture

Player two:

  • Arrow keys/WASD to determine position
  • Space to (quickly) drop shape



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