Terminus is an upcoming first person action-adventure video game developed by Skymount and published by Onyxware as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


The game is centered on a first person format. The player takes control of Aaron Pryce, an engineer who is among the many who are trapped in Strongbox. At the beginning of the game, Aaron is barely capable of fending for himself in dangerous situations but due to the availability of various mechanical enhancements the game refers to as "HFEs (Hyperfusive Extensions)", Aaron can essentially upgrade himself to increase his overall effectiveness in combat, capacity for intelligence and more. These HFEs can be acquired through leveling up or manually finding them in hidden locations. 



Terminus takes place in 2112 at the beginning of an era known as the "Age of Advancement", which is characterized by improved technology and a sense of progression in cultures around the planet. The primary achievement in this period of time is the marketing of cybernetic implants which are called "hyperfusive extensions". These HFEs can compensate for any sort of issue one may have or a specific wish, such as the wanting of increased strength, immunity to sickness, and so on. The main setting of the game is a military installation somewhere in the Oregon high plains in the United States. The protagonist is an engineer named Aaron Pryce who witnesses the unveiling of an artificial intelligence that is purported to act as an overseer for the United States armed forces. The artificial intelligence, under the name Morrigan, inexplicably manages to override its restraint settings and is unleashed upon the facility's network, taking control of every function specific to Strongbox and the surrounding area. Aaron survives the initial haywire and tasks himself with deactivating Morrigan and saving the Strongbox personnel. However, Aaron discovers a bigger plot as he roams the facility; one that threatens the security of the entire world.



  • Aaron Pryce: The main protagonist. Aaron is a robotics engineer who designed most of the Strongbox enforcement drones and the facility's security measures. 
  • Morrigan: The artificial intelligence in control of Strongbox and the main antagonist.