Telltale Games

In case you don't know, Telltale Games is a mostly third-party developer that makes games to go with popular series, like Strong Bad.


Telltale fighter champ is an idea of a Super Smash Brothers clone with the use of Telltale game characters, Characters with similar animation and 4 third party characters. It can have elements similar to Playstation All- Star Battle Royal

Main Playable Characters

Character Origin
Sam and Max Sam and Max: Freelance Police
Strong Bad Homestar Runner
Benson Regular Show
Penny The Mighty B!
Rip The Ripping Friends
Le Chuck Monkey Island
Spy Team Fortress 2
Hector Hector: Badge of Carnage
The 2 Criminals Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
Monty Muzzle Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures
Karl Pilikington (animated) The Ricky Gervais Show
Lee Everrett Walking Dead
Nelson Tethers Puzzle Agent
Dan Dan Vs.
Phooney Bone Bone
Lemony Yakkity Yak
Principal Pixiefrog My Gym Partner's A Monkey
Hugh Bliss Sam and Max Save the World
Scout Team Fortress 2
Annarchy Penny Arcade
Rat Matsion Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat
Guy Brush Monkey Island
Trixie Trotter Poker Night at The Inventory

Third Party Characters

These Characters shall be concel exusives.

Character Origin Concel

PacMan (Namestake Game)

PacMan in Fighting Suit ( Tekken X Street Fighters 0

Wii U
Captain Smiley Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley Xbox 360
Cisna White Knight Chronicles PS3

DLC Characters

Downloadable contect

Character Origin Party System
Beezy J. Henious Jimmy Two Shoes First-Party All
King Graham King Quest First-Party All
Roll (Powered Up version) Classic MegaMan Third-Party Wii U only
Marty McFly Back to The Furture First-Party All
Claptrap Boarderlands First-Party All


Like PSASBR the stages shall have two titles fused into one stage. More to come

  • Juinor Max in San Fransico (Mighty B/Sam and Max: Season 3)
  • Darkness of Skip's House (Regular Show/Penny Arcade Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness )
  • Stinky-Butt and The Battle Tower (Ripping Friends/Team Fortress 2)
  • Bull in Mariachi Band Ship (Gym Partner/Sam and Max: Season 2)
  • High-Seas Heinous (Monkey Island/Jimmy Two Shoes)
  • Blimp Strike (Archer/Back to The Furture)
  • Rights Group in Stinkoman's World (8-bit is Enoguh/Ricky Gervais Show)
  • Pooperman Moonbase (Ripping Friends/Walking Dead/Mighty B/Homestar Runner/Regular Show/Badge of Carnage/Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat)
  • Dangerques in Misseryville (Jimmy Two Shoes/Dangerques 3)
  • Dawin Fortress (Gym Partner/Team Fortress 2)
  • Boom Town Poker Night (Twisted Tales of Felix/Poker Night at The Inventory)
  • Dungon Busted (Dungeon Defenders/Mighty B)
  • Inregular Zombie Grounds (Walking Dead/Regular Show)
  • Rexy Hollywood (Ricky Gervais/Jurassic Park)


There can items in the game More to come.

  • Hypno Bear
  • Zukini
  • Fuzzy Dice
  • Jimmy the Idiot-Boy
  • Cappity Cap
  • Cow Suit
  • Tycho's Time Piece
  • Heavy's Iron Curtain
  • Radicola
  • Sock full of cole
  • Paint-Gun
  • Huntress's Cross-Bow
  • Aura Ball

Assit Characters

  • Muscel Man (Benson's Level 1 Super)
  • Strong Mad (Summand by Strong Bad)
  • Honey Bee Scouts (Summond by Penny)
  • Joey (Penny's Level 2 Super)
  • Peneope (Summoned by Lemony)
  • Rondo Jr. (Summond by Lemony)
  • Neardy Crocodile (Pixiefrog's Level 1 Super)
  • Pyro (Summond by Spy)
  • Squirrel (Summond by Monty Muzzle)
  • Leonard (Cisna cand dance with him as a Level 2 Super)
  • Mr. Mumbles (Dan's Level 1 super)

Rival Suggestions

  • Sam and Max-The 2 Criminals
  • Pricipal Pixiefrog-Spy
  • Lemony-Strong Bad
  • Penny-Hugh Bliss
  • Dan-Phoney Bone
  • Monty Muzzle-Karl Pilkington
  • Rat Matsion-Lee Everrett
  • Benson-Scout
  • Rip-Hector
  • PacMan-Roll
  • Marty-Claptrap

More to come


  • Sybil (Sam and Max)
  • Reginald Van Winslow (Guybrush)
  • Jimmy, the Idiot Boy (Rip)
  • Muscle Man (Benson)
  • Pyro (Spy)
  • Engineer (Scout)
  • Honey Bee Trope Member (Penny)
  • Penelope (Lemony)
  • Coach Z (Strong Bad)
  • Tycho (Annarchy)
  • Brady Culture (Hugh Bliss)
  • Bear in a Red Shirt (Principal Pixiefrog)
  • Mr. Mumbles (Dan)
  • Miss Wicket (Criminals)
  • Gay Biker Guy (Karl Pilkington)
  • Smiley Bone (Phooney)
  • Clemontine (Lee)
  • Stafy (Beezy)
  • Dr. Light (Roll)
  • Doc Brown (Marty)
  • Derpy Hooves (Patch-Fix)
  • Gwen Wu (Patch-Fix)
  • Theodore Dudebrough (Patch-Fix)
  • Huntress (Patch-Fix)
  • Neardy Crocidile (DLC)
  • Heloise (DLC)
  • Citrocite (DLC)
  • Filnt Paper (DLC)
  • Malloy the Bear Cub (DLC)
  • Skips (DLC)
  • Ellie (DLC)
  • Heavy Weapons Guy (DLC)
  • Skinoman (DLC)
  • Mr. High-Pants (DLC)
  • Mordecai (DLC)
  • Eileen (DLC)
  • Portia Gibbons (DLC)
  • Ricky Gervais (DLC)
  • Fluttershy (DLC)
  • Jimmy Two Shoes (DLC)
  • Rigby (DLC)
  • Miss Chamelon (DLC)
  • Mary Gibbons (DLC)
  • Lucius Heinous the Seventh (DLC)
  • Stephan Merchant (DLC)
  • Sniper (DLC)
  • Ethel Anderson (DLC)

More to come


Voice-Actor Suggestions

More to Come

  • Curtis Armstrong-Dan
  • Matt Besser-Anton St. Germain
  • David Boyll-Hugh Bliss
  • Matt Chapman-Strong Bad/Strong Mad
  • Sean Cullen-Lucius Heinous the Seventh
  • Debi Derryberry-PacMan
  • Brain Froud-Beezy J. Heinous
  • Tabatha St. Germain-Peneope
  • Mark Hamil-Skips
  • Roger L. Jackson-Raginal Van Winsloe
  • Phil LaMarr-Bull Sharkoski
  • Steve Little-Stinky Butt
  • Andrea Libman-Lemony
  • Martha MacIssac-Annarchy
  • Sam Marin-Benson/Muscel Man
  • Mike McDonald-Rip
  • Karl Pilkington-Himself
  • Mike Pollock-Principal Pixiefrog/Penny/Neardy Crocodile/Jimmy the Idiot-Boy/Rondo Jr./Gwen Wu
  • Chris Sabat-Captain Smiley
  • Kari Wahlgren-Princess Cisna

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