Tak: Reborn is best describe as Donkey Kong Country returns meets Rayman Origins. It's shall be a reboot of the video game series.

Characters from the tv show can also return along with new characters. Oggy from Oggy and The Cockroaches can also play a role similar to King K. Rool in the game. Beacause one petition suggest that Oggy should replace Tak and The Power of Juju on Nicktoons Network. Oggy can even dress up as K. Rool

Only thing the game should be 2D antimated characters in a 3D animated world.

Playable Protagonist

  • Tak
  • Jeera (Player 2)

Supporting Helpers

  • Jibolba
  • Keeko


  • Cheif
  • Lok
  • Slog
  • Zariah
  • King Pupununu (New Character)
  • Oggy (final boss)


  • Pupununu Tribe
  • Step-o-Pod (New Character)
  • Woodies
  • Bod and Bleeta

Voice Suggestions

  • Ben Pronsky-Tak
  • Tracey Moore-Jeera
  • Tommy Drake-Keeko
  • Mike MacRae-Jibolba
  • John Gremilion-Cheif
  • Jay Hickman-Lok
  • Chris Patton-Slog/Blod/King Pupununu
  • Hilary Haag-Zariah/Bleeta
  • Blade Shepard and Luci Christian-The Pupununu Tripbe
  • Janice Kawaye-Oggy the Cat

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