Developers :Technology Games.Inc and cooperation with Infinite Development Incorporated

Genre :Various (This is a Pack)

Release date :19 November 2017

Ratings :Varies in each games

Tagline :"Like an apprentice and a teacher."

TGI/IDI Gamer's pack is a game pack that is released by a cooperation of two incorporateds which is Technology Game.Inc (Jacky 50A) and Infinite Development Incorporated (DeadRaiser).It will feature some games of these both Company.The Cooperation starts in 2016.So it is still "quick".

Games in the pack

Technology Games.Inc

Infinite Development Incorporated

Other Companies

Some of these companies have other partners of company.Here is the list.

Technology Games.Inc

  • Firaxis/2K'
  • Crytek
  • Reliance Big Entertainment
  • Yuke's

Infinite Development Incorporated


This Pack is created because of Tech.Games.Inc's obsession to IDI.With so,Tech.Games.Inc has learned a great amount of things from that company

While so,here is my real speech.

(Jacky 50A to DeadRaiser)

"You Got great ideas,my company's name nearly similar to you for the incorporated.But i think you are better.I need to find another suitable partner.Anyone wants?If so make a talk page here."

And rather,if there is any mistake or you get angry,talk to me.I add the tagline like an apprentice and a teacher because your ideas are impressing to me.

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