T-Rex the Porcupine (also commonly T-Rex) true name Needlemouse the Porcupine, Sonic calls him Mr. Needlemouse (Dr. Needlemouse in the Japanese franchise) as an insult, is a Sonic character first appearing in his own game.


He is a porcupine with the ability to transform into a dragon at will. His size and look differ greatly upon transformation.


"Sire...PLEASE don't call me 'Needlemouse'!"

He is British, which comes from his father. Sometimes he acts like a gentleman, even went so far to teach Knuckles how to be one in the Sonic X remake, Sonic the Pirate!


  • Base (Normal)
  • Base (Dragon)
  • Super (Normal)
  • Golden (Dragon)

Playable Appearances

  • T-Rex the Porcupine/T-Rex Begins
  • Sonic 3D Riders
  • Sonic Battle Overdrive

NPC/Cameo Appearances

Adaption Appearances

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic Universe


  • Knuckles often mistakes him as a Werewolf Dragon when he's in his transformation state.
    • But in the official adaptions, he often mistakes him as a Dinosaur with Wings!
  • He is one of the only ones left on earth.

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