System Shock 3 is a FPS RPG developed by Electronic Arts and Looking Glass Studios and published by Irratonial Games and Origin Systems. It is a derect sequel to System Shock 2.


The story continues 3 minutes after System Shock 2, you wake up in the ship's control room, and figure out there was another survivor on the Von Brahn, but SHODAN inhabits her body,and you escape the ship to find that SHODAN has followed you to earth and your knocked out the second you exit the escape pod. You wake up 2 days later to find the earth in ruin, and a survivor tells you that you need to team up with the person that defeated SHODAN before you, The Hacker...


The Gameplay takes core elements from the first 2 System Shock games, but the gameplay is mainly based on System Shock 2. The game mixes in non-linear FPS gameplay with RPG elements, similar to it's predasesor.


  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 3 
  • Playstation Vita
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PC
  • Android (seperate mobile version)
  • Ouya

Supported Acessories

  • Razor Hydras (PC version)
  • Oculus Rift (PC version)
  • Playstation Move (Playstation 3 and 4)
  • PS4 Camera
  • Kinect (Xbox versions)
  • Xbox Smartglass (Xbox versions)
  • Playstation App
  • Touch Pad (Ouya and PS4 versions)

Special Editions

  • Savior Edition               $69.99      

Includes the game, an art book, a sidestory comic, a keychain, and a free soundtrack download code.

  • Ultimate Hacker Edition   $129.99

Includes everything in the Savior Edition, a statue of the Protaginast and the Hacker,a working replica of the GamePig PDA, 35 games to use with the GamePig, a collection including previous games by Origin Systems, and System Shock 2 and it's unreleased Multiplayer Patch, and DLC codes for an Avatar Skin, a Iolo Skin, a Dupre, and a Lord British Skin from Ultima, a Captain Skin from Cursader: No Remorse, a Cristopher Blair Skin from Wing Commander 3-5, and 15 weapons for use in the game.