Despite the game to have only a grand total of 100 playable characters, I have expressed strong feelings for DLC with such thoughts including characters and alternate costumes, the most of these revolving character roster balancing and new stages. In total, I will have 50 characters up for DLC and six more stages, as well. Eight characters have already been confirmed specifically for DLC so far: They consist widely of fan favorites such as Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Iblis, Orochi Iori, Dan Kuso and Pyrus Dragonoid,

El Blaze, A.B.A., and Rugal Bernstein. The six stages up for download are as follows: The Void, Spectrum Graveyard, Mad Gear Zone, Destroyed Rose Stadium, Fake Karakura Town, and The Black Abyss. Much more information and finalized details will be revealed when the actual idea of Sega vs. Snk: Black Sun gets posted, which will be on March the 10 or 11th!